Base Camp

Whether you’re planning an epic backpacking adventure, or you’re just planning on checking out nearby nature trails and beautiful lookouts for your next family camping trip, you’ll need a good base camp. You’ll want a place where you can park your SUV and/or trailer and set up a comfortable campsite with everything you need, including your tent, cooler, and fire pit.

The best trips start with a good base camp – a space you’ll love to come back to each night when you’re finished hiking, rock climbing, fishing, and more. To create this space, check out all of our high-quality tents and products to create the most comfortable and cosy base camp possible. Start with one of our patent protected Thermo Tents with its superior acoustic and thermal insulation, and add other accessories and equipment, like a 2-in-1 Air Bed, Hibernate Mummy, or Hibernate Square.

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