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All Weather Tents

At Crua, we are one of the few manufacturers to offer a range of true all-weather camping tents. The key to all year round performance is in our uniquely designed and patented insulation which keeps you cool and the Summer and warm in the Winter. Our materials offer 19 times better insulation than a conventional tent!

But it’s not all about temperature, for a genuinely good night’s sleep you need light and sound insulation too. Our hi-tech fabrics deal with all of this.

Crua all-weather tents are lightweight and ultra-durable, many being suitable for backpacking, check out the best all-weather tents on the market below:

Crua Tri

$ 1,549.99 USD

3 Person Tent with Built-in Insulated Bedroom

Crua Duo

$ 279.99 USD

2 Person Tent

Crua Duo Maxx

$ 379.99 USD

3 Person Tent


Crua Combo

$ 539.99 USD

2 Person Insulated Tent Bundle


Crua Combo Maxx

$ 649.99 USD

3 Person Insulated Tent Bundle

Crua Core

$ 1,449.99 USD

6 Person Tent with Airframe Beams


Crua Culla Maxx

$ 499.99 USD

3 Person Temperature Regulating Inner Tent

Crua Clan

$ 2,999.99 USD

6+ Person Multi-Room Tent

Crua Clan Maxx

$ 3,499.99 USD

9+ Person Multi-Room Tent

Crua Loj

$ 3,499.99 USD

6+ Person Insulated Tent

Crua Hybrid

$ 329.99 USD

1 Person Ground Tent / Hammock

Crua Hybrid Set

$ 439.99 USD

1 Person Tent Set

Crua Twin Hybrid

$ 569.99 USD

2 Person Tent

Crua Twin Hybrid Set

$ 779.99 USD

2 Person Tent Set

Crua Culla Haul

$ 669.99 USD

2 Person Temperature Regulating Inner Tent

Crua Culla Haul Maxx

$ 949.99 USD

4 Person Temperature Regulating Inner Tent


Crua Culla Family

$ 659.99 USD

5 Person Temperature Regulating Inner Tent

Crua Culla Solo

$ 429.99 USD

1 Person Temperature Regulating Inner Tent

Crua Combo Solo

$ 639.99 USD

1 Person Tent or Hammock

Crua Camping Carpet

$ 139.99 USD

Insulated Camping Carpet



$ 119.99 USD

2 Person Lightweight Hiking Tent


Crua XTENT Maxx

$ 138.99 USD

3 Person Lightweight Hiking Tent

Crua Culla Xtent Combo

$ 899.99 USD

2 Person Modular System

Crua Culla Xtent Combo Maxx

$ 999.99 USD

3 Person Modular System