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Camp your own way with the CRUA Clan! - Consisting of 7 Tents which all connect together in various ways allowing you to use the Tents individually or combine them to fit the size and demands of your group. You get 1x 6 Person Tent, 3x 2 Person Tents and 3x Insulated Inner 2 Person Tents all built to last. The ultimate family camping and group camping tent system.

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The Clan is the only Tent System you will ever need or want. Consisting of 7 Tents in total which you can mix and match for your camping trips is something never seen before today! An airframe beam tent sitting in the middle which is over 7.5ft / 230cm tall and goes up in minutes. You then have your 2 person tents which attach to 3 sides of the Core tent which have Insulated Inner counterparts to go inside of them to provide you the ultimate sleep. You can even back your Car or Truck into the Porch area of the Core Tent for even more storage.

  • The Clan consists of 1x Core 6 Person Tent, 3x Duo 2 Person Tents and 3x Insulated Culla Tents which all connect together
  • Enjoy a versatile sleeping arrangement thanks to the 3 separate rooms off of your Core Tent
  • The Clan is ideal for large families or large groups who want to camp together
  • All year around camping thanks to the premium and durable materials of the Outer Tents and the Culla Insulated Inner Tents
  • Easy to assemble thanks to the included pump for the Core and Culla airframe beams
  • Flexibility of taking as many tents as your needs require at any time
  • Pair with the Core Reflective Flysheet and Duo Reflective Flysheets to get the optimal experience

The beauty of this Clan Tent System is that you can opt to use the units individually or combine them in various formations to fit the size and demands of your group. Camp your own way!

Dimensions of the Core (6 Person Tent)

Width: 11.1ft / 340cm

Length of Tent: 11.4ft / 350cm

Length of Porch: 4.9ft / 150cm

Height: 7.5ft / 230cm

Packed Dimensions: 33.8 x 17.7 x 17.7 in / 86 x 45 x 45 cm

Packed Weight: 40.3 lbs / 18.3 kg*


Dimensions of the 3x Duo (2 Person Tent's)

Width: 4.9ft / 150cm

Length: 7.5ft / 230cm

Height: 4.4ft / 136cm

Packed Dimensions: 20.8 x 5.5 x 5.5 in / 53 x 14 x 14 cm

Packed Weight: 6.6 lbs / 3 kg*


Dimensions of the 3x Culla (2 Person Insulated Inner Tent's)

Width: 4.3ft / 133cm

Length: 6.7ft / 207cm

Height: 3.6ft / 110cm

Packed Dimensions: 27.5 x 15 x 15 in / 70 x 38 x 38 cm

Packed Weight: 15.4 lbs / 7 kg*


Materials of the Core (6 Person Tent)

Outer: 210D Breathable Polyester PU Coating 5000mm, F/R CPAI-84

Structure: Airframe Beam Structure on Tent and Porch

Bug Mesh: 4x B3 Polyester Integrated Bug Mesh


Materials of the 3x Duo (2 Person Tent's)

Outer: 210T, 70D Polyester, PU Coating 5000mm, F/R CPAI-84

Bottom Fabric: 210D, Polyester, PU Coating 5000mm, F/R CPAI-84
Structure: Aluminium Alloy 2 Pieces

Bug Mesh: B3 Polyester Integrated Bug Mesh


Materials of the 3x Culla (2 Person Insulated Inner Tent's)

Outer: Breathable Polyester with 450g/m2 Insulation

Structure: Airframe Beam Structure (2x Airbeams)

Bug Mesh: 6x B3 Polyester Integrated Bug Mesh


What's in the Box?

1x Core Tent, Core Groundsheet, Core Carry Bag, Pump, 3x Duo Tents, 3x Duo Carry Bags, 3x Culla Tents, 3x Culla Carry Bags, Luminous Guy lines, Aluminium Tent Pegs, Repair Patch Kits and All Necessary Poles and Accessories to Setup Tents. Porch attached to Core with it's own Air-Frame Beams.


We know that you may have some questions about our products - so we've got a dedicated FAQ Page that can answer them.

If you still cannot find the answer to your query, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Your Crua Warranty

All of our Crua products carry a full two-year warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship. If for any reason you are experiencing an issue that you feel falls under our Warranty, we will be happy to help. For more information on our Crua Warranty please visit our Returns & Warranty Page


Care and maintenance for your Crua is very important to ensure it lasts for years and the warranty stays in tact. Check out our Product Care Instructions for help looking after your Crua.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jason Jones
Great 3 season tent

This is my go to tent when night temps dip below 55 degrees F. Great for blocking wind, moisture and cold.

Martin Goode
Year 3 of ownership

I'm now in to year 3 of ownership, and this tent has not let me down one bit.
This summer we have endured some torrential thunderstorms and fairly high winds while camping, and this tent has once again proved to be a fantastic investment.
We have encountered other campers who didn't make the investment, and were cold, wet and annoyed that their holiday had been 'ruined' by the weather.
There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment.
A brilliant tent, Crua.
Thank you.

Follow up after 5 days in the woods

Given the limited number of reviews out there, I wanted to leave a follow up after 5 days in the woods of northern Minnesota with this system. First thing I have to say is to the weatherproofing is amazing! The last night a line of sever thunderstorms rolled through with heavy rain(a couple inches)50+ mph winds, lots of lightning. The tent stayed dry and hardy shook in the wind, the kids were in a Duo with the Culla; thanks to the light blocking and soundproofing were not bothered by the thunder, lightning or wind. Also the tent took some hits from branches getting snapped off the trees. Inspection in the morning found no damage at all to the tents.

The steaks were as we thought, hammer in and remove with a plyers, but they hold firm! Floor material worked perfectly, Main door did work well with the kids thanks to the high end zipper.
Only complaints we would have after a real world use of it is the storage. Core and Duo's could really use storage up higher above the doors, like there is in the Culla. Due to where the storage pockets are located, they are useless for us. A mesh pockets above the main doors would be amazing and perfect for glasses and cell phones.(Things you don't want to risk being stepped on). Storage in the vestibules would also be VERY useful.

We did find bugs(spiders for us) can come in where the Duo's connect to the core at the bottom, putting a towel down at the threshold solved that.

In general we are very happy with the system!

Honest First Impression

Very excited to try out our new Core Max System, we partially set it up in the back yard today to get a feel for it and given the lack of reviews out there about these tents, I wanted to express my unvarnished impression of the tents.
Things we liked:
-Duo Max was super easy to set up
-Culla fits seamlessly inside the Duo
-Vestibules are amazing! an actual useful size
-Duo's attach very well to the Core(with covered zippers)
-Guidelines are clearly visible
-Not hot inside tent with 80+ degree weather, this is very impressive
-Love the modular system
Things we are worried about:
-Steaks it came with hurt hand to push in and need to be hammered into ground
- Tent Steaks have poor hook provision to grab guidelines(we will need to purchase new steaks, given the price of the system,
this is very disappointing)
-Storage compartments in core tent lay on floor rather than hang from the wall
-Floor Material drags on shoes(soft material)
-Optional rainfly's attach strangely
-Main door(this is a tough one, with it fully open it is a very nice large opening, but there is no fast way for the kids to open
and close the door, its kind of all or nothing. We are a bit worried this will lead to damage with children operating it, or bugs
entering the tent.
-The Core being the center piece of the system does not appear nearly as refined as the Duo's or Culla's.
We are leaving in a couple days for a week long camping trip with this system. I'm excited to test it out in the woods!

The Waltons
A big investment for a big family

This is a big investment, but then again we are a big family. So its worth every penny. We go on regular family vacations and this thing is perfect.
Depending on weather and your configuration, you can sleep 24 people if all the units are used separately. And what's better is that it goes up and down in minutes which leaves us more time to holiday.
And when me and my eldest son go hiking alone, we simply pack one Duo and off we go.
Its so versatile.

Kevin Edwards
Crua Clan meets and exceeds expectations..

I was finally able to put the Crua Clan Set to the test this weekend and it passed with flying colors, I had the core and two duo + cocoon setup from bags to beer in 30 minutes.

The tent out performed my expectations by far, you guys really have thought of everything, I have had four or five other tents and even last year purchased a Napier Caravan camper addon and I must say I cannot see myself needing anything else but the Crua.

The modularity is awesome as I only have to travel with what I need, everything just works well and you can see that the designers used the tents and the knowledge is built in to the design.

The duo + cocoon insanely enough was just as they described warm in the nights and cooler in the day.

Nathan M
Impressed with Crua

My experience with Crua had a few hitches, but it ran the gamut in terms of service, so I feel like the most useful thing I can do is describe what happened.

I ordered the Clan set this summer; I loved the idea of it but felt apprehensive about doubling our young family’s tent budget and sending it off to a company I’d only just heard of (with a Kickstarter business model, to boot).

After exchanging multiple emails with their support people (Dylan and Chris, who were fantastic) about duties/costs and the tents themselves and reading into return policy etc., I decided to put my order in.

There was a month-long shipping delay (evidently held up in US customs in from their point of origin), which wasn’t the best, but things happen. When I did receive the tents, I ended up having a few more questions & concerns, all of which were handled promptly and fairly.

I would highly recommend contacting Crua if you’re on the fence or curious about something; Everyone I heard from was helpful, accountable, and actually a joy to communicate with. They clearly value their customers and I suspect they have a bright future ahead of them.

Worth it

Decided to take my new family on their first camping trip this year.
Any other tent would have left them disappointed.
They loved it and asked can we go camping again soon.
Thanks Crua.

Versatile and a breeze to erect

What a great central living space. We have our privacy at night while the kids love ther individual "bedrooms"