AER Series

AER Series

Winner of 'Best Rooftop Tent' awarded by Popular Mechanics' Gear of the Year 2021: Outdoor.

The Crua AER is a rooftop tent like no other. It connects to other Crua tents, can be used as a ground tent and has an anti-wind noise feature. Not only that but add the Crua Culla Haul and you have a thermally insulated interior. The Crua Culla Haul is a tailor made inner tent for the Crua AER. It is made from premium grade insulation and offers supreme temperature regulation. While keeping you at the perfect temperature, it also blocks out light and dampens sound.

We have seen the AER on a whole host of different vehicles. The Crua AER will fit most standard roof bars. In order to get the Crua AER on your vehicle, you will need a set of crossbars. Please check both the static and dynamic loads of your crossbars. These crossbars should run perpendicular to your vehicle. The Gap between the mounting points on the Crua AER is 76cm. The Gap between the mounting points on the Crua AER Maxx is 80cm.

We developed a new “Bead and Rail” system to eliminate wind noise in your tent. It’s been tried and tested during Gale force winds on the brutal west coast of Ireland!

Sold Out

Crua Aer Maxx 4 - 5 Person Rooftop Tent

$ 1,999.99 USD

4-5 Person Roof Top Tent

Crua Culla Haul

$ 669.99 USD

2 Person Temperature Regulating Inner Tent

Crua Culla Haul Maxx

$ 949.99 USD

4 Person Temperature Regulating Inner Tent