Saranac 6er Hiking Adventure

Saranac 6er Hiking Adventure - Crua Outdoors

Day 1: Meet up at Crua Headquarters for a light breakfast and coffee before hitting the trails of the first of six Adirondack Peaks you’ll hike to earn your Saranac Lake 6er! Ascending 1,175 feet in 2.7 miles, the bald summit of Ampersand awaits you (3,353 feet), where a proper lunch break is in order, to soak up the stellar 360 degree view. After making your descent and accomplishing your first 6er peak, take a dip in Middle Saranac Lake, cool off, and head back to Base Camp for a well-earned gourmet backcountry meal.

Day 2: Warm up with a good cup of coffee and hot breakfast prepared by your guides before heading out to tackle your next peak—St. Regis. Known for it’s fairly short (and steep) climb, the trail up St. Regis will take you 3.3 miles, gaining 1,266 feet to the summit (2874 feet), where you’ll enjoy views of the surrounding St. Regis Canoe Area, and High Peaks region in the distance. Be sure to scope out the recently restored fire tower before you begin your descent. Enjoy a delicious dinner, cozy campfire, and s’mores upon your return to Base Camp.

Day 3: With two peaks down and four to go, you’ll head to Scarface, one of the lesser hiked Saranac 6er’s. Follow the 3.4 mile trail gaining 1,480 feet to the summit (3,054 feet), and catch views along the way overlooking the Saranac Lake chain. Head back to Base Camp knowing that you’re halfway to meeting your goals of becoming a Saranac Lake 6er, and rest up for the big day to follow!

Day 4: Fuel up with a filling breakfast before embarking on your longest day yet, where you’ll summit both McKenzie and Haystack peaks. Climb 5.3 miles gaining 2,340 feet to the highest peak of the 6’ers—McKenzie Mountain (3,822 feet)—passing over several false summits with vistas of Whiteface Mountain of Mount Marcy, as well as the village of Saranac Lake. Head down 2.9 miles and take the branching trail to Haystack Mountain (2874 feet). Once on the summit, you can enjoy spectacular southern views of the High Peaks. Return to Base Camp for a well-deserved feast, and celebration of the day’s accomplishments.

Day 5: Sleep in comfortably thanks to the soundproof, lightproof Crua tents, then stretch your legs while you enjoy a relaxing morning of coffee and breakfast. Head to the trailhead of Mt. Baker for your easiest and shortest hike of the week, just 0.9 miles gaining 884 feet to the summit (2452 feet), offering eastern views of Saranac Lake, Lake Flower, and the High Peaks. Head into town after your descent to ring The 6er Bell, a tradition for those who have accomplished this feat!

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