Important Shipping Notice

Important Shipping Notice - Crua Outdoors

At Crua Outdoors, we pride ourselves on our customer service and ensuring a positive customer experience within every aspect of the business. 

We would like to draw your attention to an international issue that is affecting our products coming into stock. 

Due to ongoing Covid issues, we are currently experiencing delays in the delivery of our Pre-order range only in particular the X-Tent and Clan Series.

These delays are due to a backlog at the Port of Oakland in the San Francisco Bay in the US and our EU shipments are struggling to get through the Port of Rotterdam before they can make their way to Ireland. 

Social distancing is reducing the number of staff working, fewer hands available to move the containers, and outbreaks of Covid are all reducing the efficiency and movement of goods. This issue isn't just affecting Crua but worldwide companies large and small are experiencing the same delivery issues. 

Below are the latest details we have of the Cargo Ship Cosco Malaysia outside the Port of Oakland. There are currently over 20 container ships waiting to dock.

As a result of these delays, we are now expecting delivery at the end of April and once we receive the shipment we will notify you when to expect delivery of your preorder.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize unreservedly for the delays in getting our products to you and thank you for your patience with us.


Kind regards

Derek O'Sullivan

CEO, Crua Outdoors


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