Crua's Hammock Camping Tips

Crua's Hammock Camping Tips - Crua Outdoors

Hammock camping is a gloriously minimal way to enjoy the outdoors for a night. While we’re very accustomed to big, heavy car-camping trips here at Crua, it’s nice to throw a Koala on your back and head for the hills. There’s something uniquely refreshing about the sense of freedom it provides.


Here are our top tips for hammock camping with your Koala.


1. If the weather is changeable, hang your tarp first.

Now, this piece of advice may only apply to those living in climates like Ireland but there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to hang a hammock in the rain. When you arrive on-site, if there’s a threat of rain then go ahead and get that tarp set up. You can then fix your hammock below, shielded from any impending weather. If the weather stays dry, you can always fold over the front side of the tarp, or hold it up with some hiking poles!



2. Find a well-shaded area.

While you can get away with perching on the fringes of the Atlantic in a large tent, hammocks aren’t as forgiving. We would suggest finding some nice, natural shade. Trees and woodland, or even rock faces are a good idea. But please make sure to give a look at your surroundings and throw an eye to the sky in case anything could fall on you.


3. Give your Koala some good sag.

Sometimes we love good tension in our hammock, especially when chilling in the backyard. But while camping, we’d recommend a little more sag. This will give your shoulders and back more room and keep your center of gravity in a much more stable place. For those carrying protractors with their gear, 30 degrees is about right.


4. Stay Snug.

A nice warm evening is often the unsuspecting and cruel guise of a bone-chillingly cold night. To combat this, I would use our Crua Quilt as an underquilt, while also snuggling into our Mummy Sleeping Bag. Before you quench the campfire, heat up some water and fill up a hot water bottle. (We’re not sure how universal hot water bottles are. But they are the most popular thing in Ireland since Joe Dolan). If you can’t get access to a hot water bottle, there are hand warmers on the market. These are single-use, however, so we would recommend sourcing a bottle!


5. Lay Diagonally.

Yes, contrary to what you may see, diagonal is the way to go. Again, we sometimes chill in the straight position but when you bisect that angle, you’ll notice a world of difference. You’ll feel your body recline naturally to the hammock and you’ll have a much, much better sleep. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to access your pockets from this angle!


There you have it, our Top 5 Tips for Hammock Camping. If you have any further ideas or advice, we’d love to hear 'em!


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