The Crua Clan tent system may be the only outdoor shelter you need
The Crua Clan tent system may be the only outdoor shelter you need

The Crua Clan launched on Kickstarter earlier in the month and has already surpassed its $20,000 crowdfunding goal. 

Choosing the right tent to use on all of your outdoor adventures can be a real challenge. What works great for a simple weekend camping trip is not necessarily the right solution for a backpacking or paddling excursion. On top of that, a tent that works well in the summer is completely useless in the winter, often forcing outdoor enthusiasts to purchase multiple shelters to meet all of their needs. But a versatile new tent system called the Crua Clan looks to change all of that by promising to be the one shelter that can actually do just about everything.

Created by outdoor gear manufacturer Crua Outdoors, the idea behind the Crua Clan was to create a modular system of tents that can be used for nearly any kind of outdoor activity. At its core, the Clan consists of three distinct products, each of which can be used independently of one another or combined to create a more comfortable and versatile shelter depending on the needs of the individual camper.

The three different tents that make up the Crua Clan are the Duo, Core, and Cocoon. The Duo is a lightweight hiking tent built for two people, while the Core is a larger shelter that is meant to be a more luxurious and roomy bedroom space. Both the Duo and Core can connect to one another, providing more sleeping, living, and storage space. This comes in handy as the size of the group grows by giving everyone the option to still share the same shelter, while also maintaining some privacy too.



One tent system, Every possibility: Crua Clan -- Kicktraq Mini

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