Surfing Banna Strand with the Crua Koala Hammock

 Despite the confrontation of howling elements, Banna Strand lies defiantly; somewhat effortlessly, golden. On the cold asphalt, carefully dusted with passing sand; we struggle into wetsuits, still damp from previous exploits.

As the seasonal change encompasses us, with warm August sun a distant memory, there remains a constant at Banna Beach- a greeting on arrival by a weather-worn monument.

The plaque commemorates Roger Casement and Robert Monteith, who, in 1916 attempted to land arms from a German Vessel in the struggle for Irish independence. Casement, a primary figure in the Easter Rising, which saw Irish revolutionaries take hold of their capital city, Dublin, in an attempt to regain sovereignty, was executed for his part on August 3rd, 1916. 

With such immense historical significance, it’s almost as if the recurring waves, each turning over more aggression than the last, pay homage to the struggle. Viewing swells from abreast of your car is no fun, however. Grabbing boards, we hurriedly made our way toward the waves, eager for the blissful release of tension that the ocean oh-so effortlessly provides. With strong winds, the potential of a board causing damage to one of the seemingly stranded but carefully parked cars, a real possibility.

As I write, I’m acutely aware of how some readers may have considerable experience with the sport. But for the team at Crua, surfing provides a level of escapism for a solitary morning, in what’s been a difficult number of weeks, in the space of a turbulent few months (for everyone).

Our Koala V2, which we are extremely eager to get into your hands, has been something of a revelation. Considering we make large, $2,000 tents, that are sized up to 9 people, it’s by far our most compact product. We’ve taken elements and build quality from these supreme-level tents and applied it to the Koala V2, resulting in a product that we’re sure you’ll have a significant grá for. “Grá” means “love” in Irish Gaelic.

Yes, it’s okay to love a hammock. I owned the previous version before I even worked for Crua - and loved every stitch of it. I’m almost guilty to admit that it's been slowly replaced by the V2, which now has a semi-permanent clasp to my backpack.  

Hanging the Koala from a no-longer-flagged lifeguard pole on one end, my roof racks at the other (which, I’m obliged to tell you, is not advisable), we could lie back and appreciate the superior build quality that is in this product. A flask of freshly brewed tea and a couple of biscuits provide the well-needed comfort after a tiring surf. 

With a difficult year behind us all and the outdoors beckoning us toward a bright and merry spring, there is little that compares to a day-time lounge on a well-built hammock.

All the best, 

Chris - Product Designer, Crua Outdoors 

Tested on Ireland's Rugged Fringes.
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