Introducing our latest ambassadors, Sammy Seles and her Family

Our Story 

I grew up very involved in sports and extracurriculars in a big family. Traveling just wasn’t a priority, but I do remember clearly the few times we did. Some of my favorite memories. 

Sammy Sales Crua Outdoor Ambassador

When I met my husband, he traveled often for work. Our relationship was always long distance on and off, because of it. He used to always tease me about quitting my job and traveling with him full-time, but I just couldn’t picture in my head how that would work. I wanted a family and kids and thought traditional living was the only way that made sense. 

Sammy Sales Crua Outdoor Ambassador

After we had our first baby, Dustin was offered an awesome job opportunity! It meant traveling farther and for longer stints away. After our second child was born we decided he should go for it! The experience and growth he would gain was worth giving it a shot. 8 months in of him being gone 8 weeks at a time and home for 1 wore on us very quickly. 

Sammy Sales Crua Outdoor Ambassador

That's when we decided something needed to change! We quickly sold all of our things including our home, except what we still would need. We then bought our first RV and decided to hit the road together along with him. 

We have been traveling full-time in our RV as a family of four for over a year now. Going where the next Crane needs Dustin all over the US. Traveling for us has completely changed our lifestyles. We now prioritize experiences over things. 

Sammy Sales Crua Outdoor Ambassador

Experiences we realize we have been missing out on before our lifestyle change involve getting outside and exploring. We were so busy before, we never made time. Now we can’t get enough and love doing so as a family.

Not only have Dustin and I grown through our adventures, but so have our toddlers. We have hiked through canyons, summited mountains, and played in water falls. Our children have done more in the last year and a half than we have in a lifetime. 

Sammy Sales Crua Outdoor Ambassador

We are passionate about sharing our story with others and encouraging them to get outdoors and prioritize experiences over things too. Our family loves to hike, paddleboard, and our newest obsession is camping.

Sammy Sales Crua Outdoor Ambassador


That’s where being an ambassador with CRUA Outdoors comes into play! Our RV home has taken us to so many cool places, but there are limitations. Thanks to partnering with CRUA we can go even deeper into nature and enjoy it longer with their well thought out gear! Tent camping has opened even more doors for our adventure loving family! 

Sammy Sales Crua Outdoor Ambassador

Our favorite tent is the CRUA XTENT Maxx with the Culla insulated insert! Not only is this tent lightweight making it easy to get to and from where we plan to camp, but it is so easy to assemble! I have assembled it completely by myself! It’s the perfect size for Dustin and I and our two toddlers. We love the fact that it extends for standing room. My favorite feature is that you can leave the tarp off and have an incredible view of the stars at night and still be protected from pesky bugs. Camping under the stars at places like Big Bend National Park is a favorite of ours. 

Sammy Sales Crua Outdoor Ambassador

CRUA believes in families of all sizes and ages getting outdoors aligning with our same message. Getting to be an ambassador and help spread that message is important to me. It wasn’t till I was 30 years old that I found my love for the outdoors alongside our children. My only regret is not getting started sooner! 

Sammy Sales Crua Outdoor Ambassador

I hope you remember… 

It’s never too late to discover the outdoors for yourself! Just because your children are young doesn’t mean you can’t start exploring now responsibly. Your children will likely not remember the stuff you bought them over the years, but the memories you create giving them experiences will stick and last a lifetime. 

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