Crua's Ultimate Camping Checklist

19 Sep


Crua's Ultimate Camping Checklist

Crua's Ultimate Camping Checklist

"Turn around, I forgot to pack the X"


When it comes to camping, the above is one of the most spine-tingling sentences to hear. In the best scenario, you are just after leaving your house and all you forgot was your lucky underwear.


In the worst scenario, you could be hours into your journey, pulling into the campsite and realise that you've forgotten your tent!


Camping is one of the most relaxing, refreshing and peaceful activities you could possibly enjoy. That said, for family trips especially, they don't happen on a whim, there's planning involved.


Planning the trip itself is a rather straightforward process. Decide where you are going, for how many days and nights, then decide what you want to do during that time. Plan it out in advance and it's easy as pie. If you want, you can even leave the decisions of the camping activities to be mulled over en-route. A nice little car journey activity as a matter of fact.


However, when it comes to camping gear, everything you bring with you, is everything you have for the entire camping trip. Better pack smart.



Our Best Advice for Packing Camping Gear



In order to pack smart, you need to have structure. To have structure, you need a camping checklist. That is why we put together our ultimate camping checklist. It isn't exhaustive but we've covered pretty much all of the essentials. The list is long and can be quite overwhelming. So, before we get into the checklist we have a few pre-game words of wisdom.


Don't Get Lost in the Details  -  Before you get overwhelmed, just remember, camping is meant to be fun. If you wanted, you could whittle this list down to only the bare minimum.  In reality, if you have the clothes on your back, a tent, a sleeping bag, some food and drink, you are pretty much set.  

You Don't Have to Bring Everything   -  On the above point, the reason we created this camping checklist is so you could see all the camping gear in one place and then decide what you want to take with you. You don't have to cross every single item off the list. The checklist is our way of giving all our campers a gentle reminder.


This List Doesn't Include Everything  -  We created this list as a guide but don't blame us if everything isn't there. We can't be held responsible!


Now, let's get into it.



Campsite Gear


 Tent (Make sure you have everything)
 Stakes / Pegs
 Hammer / Mallet
 Dustpan and Brush

 Mat For Tent Entrance
 Ground Sheet
 Pop-up Gazebo
 Repair Kit

 Camping Chairs
 Camping Table + Cloth
 Headlamps or Flashlights
 Camping Lantern 
 Clothesline + Pegs


For The Night

 Sleeping Bag (For Each Camper)
 Pillows (For Each Camper)
 Air Mattress / Air Pad (For Each Camper)
 Air Pump 
 Sheets / Blanket
 Repair Kit For Air Mattress



Optional Extras



Cooking Equipment


 Camping Stove
 Cooler Bag

 Pots / Pans
 Cooking Utensils
 Sharp Knife
 Plates / Bowls 

 Cups / Glasses
 Eating Utensils
 Bottle Opener / Corkscrew
 Can Opener
 Large Water Bottles

 Camping Sink + Washing Equipment
 Dish Towel
 Bin Bags

 Cutting Board
 Cooler Bag
 Coffee Maker / Tea Maker


Personal Items


 Clothes for Daytime (Including Spare Shoes!)
 Rain Gear
 Warm Clothes - Hats, Gloves, Scarf, Fleece

 Hiking Boots
 Hiking Backpack
 Hiking Poles


 Lip Balm
 Baby Wipes

 Phone Charger
 Prescriptions / Medications


More Optional Extras


 Pet Supplies + Food
 Toys and Games
 Bear Spray

 Fishing Equipment
 Matches / Firelighter
 Books / Notepad 


Camping Gear You Always Forget!

 Toilet Paper
 Credit Card / Cash
 Campsite Reservation Confirmation
 Playing Cards
 Picnic Blanket


That pretty much covers it. 


What did we miss? Let us know in the comments

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