Crua's Must-Have Accessories

Crua is not all about tents, it is also some must-have equipment that you need for every trip!




The Crua Mummy Sleeping Bag

We created 2 of them to fit any condition!  34°F (+1°C) temperature rating for cold nights and 21°F (-6°C) for warm nights.



For both:

To suit you perfectly we gave it a Mummy shaped. We've made it comfy and cozy thanks to the polyester shell and lining, the shoulder baffle and the ridged hood.


When it’s a little chilly:

Temperature rating 34°F (+1°C)

Filling: 60 g/m² of synthetic fiber insulation for increased warmth

Weight: 3.7 lbs / 1.7 kg

Season: 3 - suitable for use in late spring to early autumn


When it’s a little bit too warm:

Temperature rating 21°F (-6°C)

Filling: 140 g/m² of synthetic fiber insulation for increased warmth

Weight: 4.1 lbs / 1.9 kg

Season: 3 - suitable for use in spring, summer, and autumn

 Click here to get it!



The Self-inflating mattress

Even if you’re not at home it doesn’t mean that you need to sleep without a good mattress! Here is our self-inflating mattress ready to be set up! No wasted time when going to bed! Easy to pack (0.9 lbs/ 0.5 kg; 183 cm length; 30 mm thickness), all you’ll have to do is: get it out of the bag and let it blow up!



How resistant is it?

R value: 3.9

Temperature range: +45°C (113°F) to -25°C (-13°F)


When can you use it?

Season rating: 3-4

Click here to get it! 



Storm Stakes

Our tents are guaranteed maximum resistance to all weather conditions. Here is why: our storm stakes are the most reliable. Their super strong construction, corrosion resistance and U shape ensures a tough installation.  Plus, their aluminum and extra long pegs (12 inches/31 cm) guarantee an ease of use in the sand or snow!


Click here to get it! 



Adventurer Cap

Set your inner adventurer free with the Crua cap! What would be a camper without his/her cap? Not a real adventurer. Let it out, it’s always good to protect our head!


Click here to get it! 



Travel journal

Memories! We say yes to the travel journal with 16GB USB storage. Every step you make in the great outdoors deserves to be recorded! Every moment spent within nature can stick in your mind and be shared around you!


Click here to get it!



Live Tough, Sleep Easy.

- The Crua Team

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