Crua Hybrid: One-person tent, many possibilities
Crua Hybrid: One-person tent, many possibilities

For solo campers, the Crua Hybrid will be your best mate! Crua's one person tent will fit you perfectly and make your life easier. It can also be used as a hammock tent. Easy to carry with mattress and sleeping bag both included: all in one package!

For 4 years, Crua Outdoors, first known as Thermo Tents, provides adventurers with innovative tents that are reliable in any place, any season and any time!

Let’s have a quick recall about what we can do for you…



For solo hikers, campers, fishers or hunters, here is the tent you need. Small enough to go anywhere and enjoy the great outdoors, the Crua hybrid will be your best mate!

- Self-inflating mattress
- Customized sleeping bag
- Zips together with other Hybrids
- Mesh screen opening
- Built-in groundsheet
- Mesh layer for ventilation
- Two-year warranty


        All those features will provide you with a cutting edge solution to get the best sleep possible you've ever had outdoors. It packs a lot of equipment into a portable package to make your trip a lot easier. Plus, it has its own insulated mattress and sleeping-bag to make sure you don’t need to bring your house with you!

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        What more?

        The Crua Hybrid is not just a simple tent! Wherever you camp you’ll be able to pitch it to sleep high or low… What does it mean? Let Crua remind you how innovative it is:



        The Crua Hybrid can become a Hammock, amazing, right? Here is the new camping experience you’ll love! Even if there are rocks, water, plants… you’ll be able to suspend your tent between trees! No excuse is allowed now! You can camp everywhere.

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        Even better? 

        If you prefer having new experiences with somebody, each of you can have his/her Crua Hybrid and link them together.

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        If you think the Crua Hybrid will suit your adventure, shop now! 

        Live tough, Sleep Easy 

        - The Crua Team

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