Crua Combo: Duo-Cocoon, what an harmonious duo! – Crua Outdoors
Crua Combo: Duo-Cocoon, what an harmonious duo!
Crua Combo: Duo-Cocoon, what an harmonious duo!

To go all over the hiking trails, with an adventure partner, the Crua Duo is there for you! Take this 2 person hiking tent to go wherever you want and add the Crua Cocoon to stay warm in winter or cool in summer! Use an insulated tent within a tent is your new solution to have a great outdoors experience.

For 4 years, Crua Outdoors, first known as Thermo Tents, provides adventurers with innovative tents that are reliable in any place, any season and any time!

Let’s have a quick recall about what we can do for you…


To expect the best of your adventure, Crua Outdoors advises you to think about the Crua Duo and the Crua Cocoon. Together, they will offer you the best experience you could dream of.

The Crua Duo, what is it?



Ideal for 2 people, the Crua Duo will encourage you to go camping for few days without worrying about difficulties such as rain, wind, heat and even condensation. It’s called “The lightweight 2 person hiking tent”! Pretty reassuring, isn’t it?

Material: Breathable polyester with water-resistant outer layer PU5000mm
Structure: Aluminum frame 8.5mm
Zips: Jumbo zips
Bug mesh: B3
Fire retardant

Here is the tent you should use when hiking with a partner! Plus, no need to have it on its own…combine it with the Crua Cocoon for the ultimate camping experience.

Find more info about the Crua Duo here!

The Crua Cocoon, what is it?

If you expect protection and comfort, Crua Cocoon is your Holy Grail! The legendary Crua Cocoon is fitted with the best insulation technology to improve most 2 person tents but, it was made to fit the Crua Duo perfectly. Thanks to an inflatable pole structure, the Cocoon is easy to set up.

The insulation keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer! It is heat, light and noise insulated, you won’t be bothered by the sunrise in the early morning and you’ll have a quieter place to rest too. The Crua Cocoon, your insulated tent within a tent!

Find more info about the Crua Cocoon here!



Crua Cocoon was made to fit perfectly the Crua Duo. Having them in your backpack to go hiking will guarantee a good night after a long hike. Protected from the cold, the heat, the dew or the wind, you’ll get rest at leisure and be able to trudge again the next day!

The Crua Duo-Cocoon will be your bodyguard in any conditions!

To get it click here! 

Live tough, Sleep Easy.

- The Crua Team

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