Crua Cocoon Stand Alone Insulated Tent

Unique two-person (heat, noise, and light) insulated tent

- The Crua Cocoon can be used inside any tent 
- It's designed to fit seamlessly inside the Crua Duo, our two-person hiking tent when required 
- Fast pitch air-frame


  • Size: inner 210*135*H100CM,
  • Fabric: Polyester breathable fabric and insulation 450g m2 
  • Mesh: B3 mesh 
  • Poles: Air-Frame 8cm
  • Without pegs
  • Fire Retardant

Pre-order now from Kickstarter

Crua Cocoon Kickstarter specifications


You can now use one system to meet all of your camping needs. And with the Crua Clan series of tents, you can be sure that you have an answer for every trip, in any weather. Remember, our insulated Crua Cocoon will:

  • Keep you cooler in the summer & warmer in the winter 
  • Muffle noise transfer in and out of the tent
  • Block light from getting in (you can allow some light in if preferred through vents and door)

Make your own Clan system as big or as small as you like...


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