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Crua Clan 40+ mph Sustained Wind Testing

09 May


Crua Clan 40+ mph Sustained Wind Testing

Crua Clan 40+ mph Sustained Wind Testing

Here at Crua we always strive to ensure that our products meet the high standards our customers expect. After all, Crua does mean ‘tough’ or ‘hard’!
Last week we visited one of our suppliers to observe part of the testing process.

One of the tests carried out was a sustained wind test. This test inspects how the tents perform under high speeds for a prolonged period of time.


Below are videos of the Crua Clan products being tested against winds of up to 17.89 meters per second, just over 40 miles per hour.


 Crua Core - Front test


Crua Core - Side test


Crua Duo - Front test

Crua Duo - Side test


Crua Duo Maxx - Front test

Crua Duo Maxx - Side test


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