23 Aug


Crua Clan Customizable Tent System

Crua Clan Customizable Tent System

Always have a place to call home with the Crua Clan Customizable Tent System. With multiple models, this suite of tents has something for everyone in the family. The lightweight Crua system includes a tent, an insulated cocoon, and an air-framed living space. Each is practical and useful on its own but they all fit together perfectly. With the entire Crua Clan in place, your entire family has the space to sleep, relax, eat, and enjoy everything camping has to offer. On its own, the Crua Duo is the ideal tent for you and a partner with enough space for your gear. The Crua Cocoon is designed for one and is insulated for temperature, noise, and even light. Pairing these two together offers a spectacular sleeping environment. The Crua Core works with the other tents but on its own is tall and spacious. Each in the Crua Clan takes just minutes to assemble.

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Gwendoline is the newest member to the Crua Team. She has many years experience with skiing, but that comes as no surprise as she is originally from a small town located under the French Alps. That's not her only hobby though because she has 10 + years of ballroom dancing under her belt too!

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