The Crua Clan, Three-In-One Tent

Crua Clan



    If you are a previous Crua Outdoors Kickstarter backer you are fully familiar with our previous campaigns. It was each backer that believed in us and our products that made this company what it is today. If you have never heard of Kickstarter and wondering what the hell I'm talking about, not to worry I'm about to explain.

    In the simplest of terms, is a pretty awesome crowdfunding platform. If you have a cool/unique idea and you need a good kick start to get your genius idea off the ground, is your answer. In the early stages of Crua Outdoors, Derek took to Kickstarter with his one-of-a-kind insulated tent design, the Crua Loj. Needless to say, people believed in the product and Derek received the funding he needed to grow Crua Outdoors in pursuit to keep pushing the boundaries in the outdoor industry. After his first Kickstarter campaign, Derek developed a bug... the Kickstarter bug! One year after, our famous Crua Hybrid took to the crowd-funding platform and exceeded our wildest expectations. Now the Crua team is bigger and hungrier than ever to push the limits of traditional camping. So we are coming back to Kickstarter...again.


    The Crua Clan is an all-in-one revolutionary system. Join them together, take them apart, make them insulated, the Crua Clan has the flexibility for any adventure.






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