Camping refresher guide for 2020 – Crua Outdoors

Camping refresher guide for 2020

by Davin KellyFeb 10, 2020

The Camping refresher guide for 2020
- know before you go

The Camping refresher guide for 2020 – Know before you go

If you are anything like us, you will be thinking of your next Spring camping trip. Or maybe you are planning your first for a while and afraid to dust off your tent and get prepped for the seasons ahead. We wanted to make your planning that bit easier and give you our refresher guide on what to plan and what is essential and maybe some nice to haves!

Let’s be honest, we all bring a creature comfort or two with us when we camp these days. Over the next few weeks, we are going to give you the must have lists of things to do and to make your camping experience as comfortable, fun and enjoyable as possible, for all the right reasons.

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Airing and TLC

Right now you should be getting your tent out for some airing and TLC. Time to run any repairs and upgrades to your tent. Not sure what to check, here is a handy list of tent care tips.

  •  Clean, Clean Clean - Clean the tent by setting it up and wiping it down with a mild soap (liquid hand soap) and lukewarm water solution. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely. Never use detergent. Then give the tent the right amount of time to dry out properly. 
  • Tent Seam Sealing – We are not endorsing any one seal and as there are so many out there and your tent may have been through different conditions, depending on where you pitched. Check your sealant directions before use. Seam sealing should be done in a fully ventilated area. Set the tent up or lay the tent out flat. Taut seams allow for even application and penetration of the sealer.
  • Sunlight Damage to tents – Caused by excessive exposure to sunlight (doesn’t happen much here in Kerry, Ireland.) Our fabrics are UV resistant, this does not mean fading or degradation does not occur. To maintain your tent over the long run we recommend using a fly sheet with the reflective side out to get the best lifetime from your tent.
  • Tent Storage – Now you are thinking, “Why didn’t you tell me this last Winter?” – store the tent loosely rolled, in a dry, cool place. Cover it with a cloth or a loose bag to avoid dust accumulation. This loose packing allows the fabric to breathe. 
  • Inventory check – This is the time to take stock of your essentials pack. Check for storm stakes, guide lines, mallet and footprint. It’s a great time to test zips too. All those little niggles that you decided drove you crazy last year. 
  • Grab a beer, you earned it. You are the early bird, you caught the worm. You are now ready for your next Crua camping refresher guide of 2020. 
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Having just been through Christmas, we are adding in this little pro tip, so if you are still reading, good on you, you are in for a treat. Having just untangled Christmas lights and been through that pain, we don’t want to do it again. If you have a lighting system, test that now too.

When we pulled out the Crua Loj a couple of seasons ago we tested the lighting and it brought us back to some of our favourite spring camping memories – check out these lights!

If you want to add any camping tips, hacks or questions, drop Vinny a note on and we will get right back in touch.