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Camping in the South Africa Bush

02 Apr


Camping in the South Africa Bush

Camping in the South Africa Bush

Stephen Henwood and his son, Liam, recently put the Crua Koala through its paces in the South Africa Bush. Here's a few words from Stephen himself:


"My son, Liam, and I love the outdoors. So much in fact that we are doing Ranger training and will qualify later on this year - it looks that Liam will become the youngest qualified ranger in South Africa. As part of the training we have to spend some time in extreme environments from bush through to jungle and I will be sure to take the Koala at every opportunity. I will be ordering the quilts soon as we will be heading into winter in the next 2 months!"


Thanks for sharing Stephen and we look forward to hearing about you and your sons future adventures. 


Stephen and son, Liam, camping in the South Africa Bush with the Crua Koala


Crua Koala in the South Africa Bush


Koala Hammock Tarp



Crua Koala hanging from two trees


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