What you really need to pack when going camping

Have you ever wondered what the professionals take with them when they are preparing for their trips into the wild? We talked to some of America's most widely respected hunters, fishers, overlanders and weekend warriors to find out what they think is the most important item/tool to bring with them.


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 Tyler & Christine
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"I would have to say, a first aid kit. Safety should always be number one priority when out in the field"  

 East Branch Angler


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"The answer is fire. Fire purifies water, warms your body, cooks your food and lifts the spirit"

Joe Robinet Bushcraft


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Joe Robinet Bush CraftJoe Robinet Bush CraftJoe Robinet Bush Craft

Joe Robinet Bush CraftJoe Robinet Bush CraftJoe Robinet Bush Craft

"The proper mindset, you can have all the skills/gear in the world, but if your head is not right you won't last. I speak from experience"

 Survival Lilly


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Survival LillySurvival LillySurvival Lilly

Survival LillySurvival LillySurvival Lilly

" This is a very difficult question and I can not answer it with one piece of equipment, because it really depends where on the earth you live. In the arctic it would be a negative 50°C sleeping bag. Same goes for tundra, northern coniferous forest and temperate climates. When being around tropical forests and the desert I would switch to a good metal knife" 


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