Best camping scenes from movies and TV shows - Part 4

So here it is folks, the final installment in our best camping scenes verbal montage. It may not quite be ready for Netflix yet, but we are happy with our little trip down nostalgia lane. And who knows, during this period maybe you have dipped in and watched some of our movies. We are delighted with the responses and suggestions. We have debated over Hangouts which was the best and we still cannot tell.

Without much fuss, or further gilding the lily, we give you Will Ferrell, Land of the Lost – this is how we’re gonna finish it. I’m really bushwhacked, here’s a little arpeggio, nuthin fancy.

Take a bow to one all the all time funny men.

So folks, we repeat what they say in the news, stay safe. It is really tough out there for many. To our frontline works, we are grateful the globe over. We hope when this passes we will enjoy the freedom of the wilderness even more. To sign off, we leave you with a classic Netflix style, spoiler alert – the Crua website, the new season. The configurator, coming soon….. Building your own has not been this much fun since we built our bear, with denim shorts.

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