Best camping scenes from movies and TV shows - Part 3

What the heck just happened over the last 7 days? Makes us appreciate the outdoors all the more. We hope you all, wherever you are, are staying happy and healthy. To lighten the load a little, we will keep this series going before our big reveal. The outdoors world always presents, adventure, mystery, challenge and a really standard question for the non-campers – “Where is the toilet?“.

In times of toilet paper crisis, we turn to you, our community and friends to look to age-old traditions and keeping calm and non-panicked.

Last week was a hard act to follow, but we think we got there.

First up, a TV show -Parks and recreation. What a show!! What legends and so many. Amy Poehler is EPIC and let’s not forget this is where we met Chris Pratt for the first time – who doesn’t want those chubby cheeks spreading rose petals on their campsite?

But what we want to know – are you Ben Wyatt? (skip to 24 seconds) or are you Tom Haverford? (Skip to 44 Seconds)

NOTE: At the time of writing, our author (Unnamed – Vinny) falls firmly into the Tom H mould.

Would any compilation be complete without a Simpsons reference? We think not. Carrying on from Phil Dunphy and Tom H above, we have to salute Homer J Simpson. The everyman, the camper, the complete Dad. Not one for mixing his drinks though, or words.

Homer S: We will be back with help before you girls know it.

Lisa Simpson: Remember Dad, the handle of the big dipper always points to the north star.

Homer S: Don’t worry Lisa, we are not in astronomy class.

Maybe not well known but hilarious none the less, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake – need we say more? Well, maybe just a smidge,

Have you a licence to sell those hot dogs?

Next week, our final clip – what are yours?

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