Best camping scenes from movies and TV shows - Part 1

If you are like us, (we know you are), the weekend camping trips will soon start getting longer and we will be gearing up for the summer season. As we move into Spring and that beautiful time of year with renewal and color popping up everywhere, we can't but always getting a little nostalgic. Sitting around the office last month we started reminiscing on the best camping scenes from movies and TV shows in days gone by. Not as many of them made these days, but we had great fun looking back at some of those movies. Over the next month, we are going to share what we believe are those definitive movie scenes, the ones where we laughed or just loved.

Each week we will publish our top 3 and see what you think. At the end, we will send you a voting link to see what comes out on top. All of you who select the one that comes out on top will go into a draw for a free Koala Summer kit - simples.

To kick it off, we picked the following movies. After the post oscar speech of Jaoquin Phoenix, what better place to start than Stand By me - nostalgia central and who doesn't now fear leeches when pond hopping in the summer months. Oh, and try to get the Lollipop song out of your head, now that you are singing it.

Next up, a more modern story, a modern dad from a modern family. Phil Dunphy has become something of a household name for being that not so cool Dad and always ends up over his head but wears his heart on his sleeve. He loves to think he is Mr. Outdoors, but on this evidence, he is nothing more than bear fodder. Phil, we salute you!

Finally, on week 1, we present the Canadian duo of John Candy and Dan Aykroyd in the Great Outdoors, What a movie! The 80's were lit up with John Candy being a larger than life character and we are not going to say too much about this one, just watch the entrance. They really don't make them like this anymore. The 80's children in us wishes they did.

So that's it, the first 3 memory lane moments from us here at Crua. Easing into the Spring time, getting pumped for the season ahead. What are your favorites? What did we miss? What do you think we will add next week?

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