April: Time to launch!

03 May


April: Time to launch!

April: Time to launch!




If you follow on Facebook and Instagram you must not have missed the info...Crua Outdoors is back on Kickstarter. Few days ago, we launched the brand new hammock: Koala.




Here we are for another campaign in which you can get involved!

Click here and join us NOW to take advantage of the Early Bird Offers (not much time left). Pick the kit that will make you "relax to the max"!


Pre-order prices: up to 46% OFF! 


Koala, the hammock you'll want to stay in forever. 


Hurry up! 22 hours to go to get the Early birds Offers...

Click here for more info! 




 Camping hints: What lighting system to get? 



After the stoves, here are the Crua Community's Seven Best Camping Lanterns&Lights. Give it a read here and pick the one that will light your nights! 



 Reviews Series


We are always delighted to receive your feedback and comments. This is how we improve ourselves! You can post them on TrustPilot, on our Facebook page or even by email! As we received some good feedback from potential, current and old customers, we thought about creating something from it... 


Here are some of your positive comments: 





After that, we've decided to go further giving you every month a feedback from 4 partners who have accepted to be part this project! We will create special articles that will talk about each guy's adventure once a month so that you can take advantage of their advice and experiences. You've already heard about 2 of them and their Crua Tri's. The 2 others are brand new friends and one of them has the Crua Duo and the last one the Crua Loj


- Fabrizio Lo Faro

Have a look at his story here, he's one of our ambassadors!


- Gavin O'Neil

In our last blog we shared his review on the Crua Tri and he created the Community's Facebook group: Crua Outdoors Community - Owners and Fans !


- Alexander Morris

He just got a Crua Duo and is a great photographer, have a look at his story here and follow him on Instagram!


- Kaveman

From New Zealand, he's a enthralling and fascinating 56-year-old camper that has waited many years to live in a tent! Click here to know more



Thank you for supporting us! We couldn't make it without our Community. 



"Live Tough, Sleep Easy"

- The Crua Team

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