8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Burning Man

Burning Man

Back in 1986, Larry Harvey and his friend Jerry James went to San Francisco's Baker Beach to create a summer solstice ritual of burning their artistic creation of a man. Fast forward 31 years, this once small ritual is now known as Burning Man and for one week only it is the 3rd largest city in Nevada  with the population reaching towards 70,000. The majority of people categorizes the Pop-Up art festival as hippy central and although I am not denying this, The Black Rock City of Nevada is filled with people from all backgrounds. In fact, quite a huge population of the attendees are working class citizens in well established careers.


Here are 8 things you probably didn't know about Burning Man.

Burning Man

1. The Black Rock City has all the infrastructure you need for a small city.

Including a post office (where you can send AND collect post), a library, an airport, clinics, plenty of places to eat and drink and not to mention the awe-inspiring art exhibitions. 

2. The 'Burning Man' standing tall over the city acts as a clock for the festival goers.

The 'Burning Man' is circled by the small towns, camps and art exhibitions. In a city of 70,000 with no wifi or service it could be very easy to get lost. The 'Burning Man' helps you locate your whereabouts. All you have to do is look up to the 'Man' to understand exactly where you are.

3. The Black Rock City is on Google maps.

Don't believe me? Google it yourself...

4.You can Skydive into Burning Man.

Thinking of opting out of that long drive to Burning Man? Well you can literally jump out of a plane and land in the Black Rock city. 

5. If you are a fan of Ted Talks you will love this pop-up art festival.

Many of the most inspirational Ted Talk speakers attend the festival every year to fill the burners minds with complex thoughts.

6. A bike is a necessity.

Getting around the festival can be very difficult unless you have a mode of transport. Like most burners, I would advise you to get a bike.

7. MOOP is extremely frowned upon in the Black Rock City.

What is 'MOOP' I hear you say? MOOP stands for 'Matter out of place' and in simpler terms means litter. Not a sinlge trace of litter can be left behind when you leave the festival. Not a tent stake nor a cigarette butt.

8. It gets cold, very cold!

Not only does it get increasingly warm during the day, the temperature decreases rapidly at night time and it gets cold as f***. 

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Disclaimer:  The views and comments on this blog are the views of Crua Outdoors and not of those at Burning Man

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