17 Genius Camping Hacks for Clever Campers

Campers are resourceful folk. An experienced camper carries a certain guile, some might call it street smarts, although 'outdoor smarts' might be more appropriate. These are people who consciously forgo modern luxuries as they pit their wits against the elements. They are bound to pick up a thing or two along the way.


Ever since we first saw someone tie a glow stick to a tent zipper to help see in the dark, we have been endlessly intrigued and impressed by camping hacks. Camping hacks are life hacks for the wild and they really do help. When you are in the great outdoors you don't have the common amenities so these little camping tips and tricks help to give you a leg up.



17 Genius Camping Hacks for Clever Campers


Over the years, we've read, heard, seen and witnessed some moments of sheer genius. The type of camping hack that makes you kick yourself for not figuring them out sooner. Here we have compiled a list of some of our favourites. There are 17 camping hacks in total. Let's get into it


Camping Hacks For Around the Campfire



1. A Camping Hack to Keep The Bugs


Setting up camp but getting eaten alive by bugs? The solution is incredibly simple. Toss a little bit of sage into the campfire. The campfire itself is a deterrent but adding sage will give your fire an anti-bug superpower. Plus, it makes your campfire smell lovely and fresh. A double camping hack win. 



2. Get Your Campfire Started with...Doritos 


Continuing on the thread of double wins we bring you multi-functioning Doritos. Not only can you enjoy a delicious snack, they also make for very effective kindling. Getting the campfire going can be difficult but this little camping hack goes a long way.


3. No Doritos, No Problem - More Homemade Fire Starters


If, for some crazy reason, you didn't bring Doritos with you on your camping adventure we have found some alternatives. Here are two other ingenious ways to get the fire started. 


- Create your own fire starter using two pieces of rubbish from home. Clean out the lint trap of your clothes dryer and stuff the lint into an empty toilet roll. Highly resourceful and highly effective.


- If all else fails, cotton wool covered in Vaseline makes for a great fire starter. MacGyver himself would be proud.



4. Camping Hack to Keep you Snug At Night 


The day is done, the temperature is dropping, it's time to start planning ahead. First, as you start the camp fire and begin to set yourself up for the night ahead, nip back to your tent. Put on your pyjamas underneath your clothes and then carry on as normal. That extra layer will make you feel instantly warmer. Not only that, after spending hours with your pyjamas on, when you hit the sleeping bag they will already be toasty. Thank you body heat!


5. Matches that Actually Work


You are all set, you've brought everything you needed, now to just strike that match and start the fire. Shock horror, the tool that was invented back in the Stone Age is a tad unreliable. Never fear though, we have the perfect camping hack for you. Glue a small square of sandpaper to the back of your match box for a long-lasting, trustworthy strike-pad. 



Camping Tips and Tricks That are Full-Blown Genius


6. Toilet Roll is a Waste of Space


Okay, let's be clear. We are not telling you to ditch the toilet roll. However, that bulky cardboard centre is taking up more room than it's worth. Unwind the toilet roll, remove the cardboard and fold it up gently. Voila, you have now created room for at least two more toilet rolls. Success!


7. Genius Camping Hack - Homemade Lantern


Not everyone can have one of those fancy spangled lanterns. But you can made one using two homemade items that is just as good. Grab a plastic gallon jug of water (full). Then wrap a head torch around it with the light pointing inwards. The light will reflect off the water and create a giant lantern. Who needs fancy gadgets when you have camping hacks.  



8. Get the Party Started


Forget to bring your speakers with you? In dire need to break out the tunes? Well then, science is your friend. If you are playing music off your phone you can make your own miniature amplifier. Ghetto blast your phone's speakers by cocooning it in a cylindrical tube, such as a Pringle's box. If you don't have Pringles, you can use a party cup or even a pot. This one requires a little trial and error but can be very effective.


9.  Forgot Your Pillow?


Forgot your pillow? We have a quick and easy camping hack that's got you covered. Take your sleeping bag out of its bag. Now you go in the sleeping bag, your clothes goes in the supply bag. Hey presto, you have made yourself a pillow.  


10. Keep Your Power Cords Dry


Some say it's cheating to bring anything electric with you out into the wild. However, if you do have power cables lying around, make sure you cover the sockets. Cut two cable-sized holes in a bucket and feed the cable through. The bucket will save you from an electrical hazards. Although, be safe, never trust the combination of rain and power cables!



Camping Hacks and Camping Tips for All Occasions

11. Consult Your Checklist


This one isn't so much a camping hack as it is a reliable habit. Make sure you have all the necessary camping gear and equipment. Consult your own personal checklist before leaving home. Thankfully, we created one for you. Here's Crua's Camping Checklist.

12. Microfiber For All


Instead of bringing kitchen paper or tea towels, bring something that is practically made for the wild - microfiber. It's super absorbent and lightweight. It dries better than tea towels and won't perish easily like kitchen towels. You're welcome!

13. Your Trusty Nighttime Kit


Never leave yourself short at bedtime. Pack a nighttime zip lock kit that stays in your sleeping bag full time. We're talking hand torch, comfy socks, ear plugs and a tiny bit of toilet paper for emergencies. Consider it part of your sleeping bag.

14. Where Are My Sleeping Socks?


We stumbled upon this craze embarrassingly late in our camping careers. When packing, pack however many socks you will need for the camping trip. Then, add one extra special pair for nighttime sleeping bag use only. They remain at the bottom of your sleeping bag for the entire trip. Warm, soft and dry, you won't even know yourself at the end of the day.



15. Beat The Morning Chills 

Okay, we'll admit it, on some frosty mornings we secretly wish it were possible to pack a tumble dryer and give our clothes a warm blast. However, there is a camping hack that is just as good. Stuff the clothes you want to wear into the bottom of your sleeping bag. Come morning time they've had eight hours of unadulterated heat. You're now ready to win the day! . 

16. Single Use Soap

Packing soap can be annoying. It's wet, it's sticky and tends to ruin everything. That is why some Einsteins among us came up with single-use-soap. When you're at home, grab a bar of soap and cut it in to thin slices using a vegetable peeler. Throw a few dozen mini strips into a zip lock bag and away you go. Use a fresh slice of soap every time. No mess, no fuss. 

17. Multi-Functional Garbage Bags


If you are heading for a hike, make sure that a roll of large bin bags is a mainstay in your hiking bag. Of course, first and foremost you need garbage bags so that you leave no trace. However, when it starts raining, they come in handy for a totally different reason. Simply punch in some arm holes and a face hole to make a makeshift poncho. Garbage chic is so hot right now!


So that's it, 17 camping hacks that we now love. It's always great to hear more. Comment below with your favourite camping hacks. Let's try make it to 100!

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  • Asor

    Great tips. Practical. Thanks! 🙂

  • Eric

    We like to take a few mini solar lights to stick around the campsite. Bring a couple for in the tent.
    They cost like a dollar each.

  • Penny

    ZIPLOCK BAGS!! You can’t have enough of them while camping! Leftovers, waterproofing your phone, wallet, etc. while canoeing, clothespin holder, anything that needs to be wrangled, protecting electrical extension cords in the rain, wrap your food in before going into a cooler…… The uses are endless!!!

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