Did you know we have written multiple guides on camping in Texas? Not quite as good as some of Willie Nelson’s work, but damn near as long. We covered, a lot but some of the key things were:

Primitive Camping in South Texas
Free Camping in Texas
River Camping in Texas

When we built them, we thought let’s go big or go home - just like Texas. The state itself is huge! Picking a spot can be a chore. We love this guide by Charity De Souza where she picks some of our favourite spots. Also, our friends over at the Dyrt went big on beach camping. Something we are familiar with in the Southwest of Ireland. And Hallelujah for our buddies in Campedium for pulling together the free sites to pitch, yep FREE. We share our thoughts on Padre Island below - read on!

Picking the right camping spot can be difficult, but we are always thinking of how we can make our designs better for you, so that no matter where you camp, you get the best experience possible! We test and learn all the time and take great heart from creating 1 of a kind insulation through to extendable tents and beyond. We never stop running out of ideas for you.

To help you out and make your life just that little bit easier, we have put together a list of some of our favourite Texas camping spots. If you have any campsites you love to go to, then let us know. We have an affiliate programme where we work together with you to help get the best camping guides, tips and gear. Sign up today and say hi to Courteney from Crua who will take you through the process.

Big Bend National Park: In Far West Texas there is a magical place known as Big Bend, where rivers run through canyons, cactus’ bloom and bird species take refuge. The National Park has 4 campgrounds with the largest one featuring over 100 sites close to the river. For campers interested in day hiking, the centre of the park has some of the best hiking trails which surround the Chisos Canyon Campground. With over 800,000 acres of land, visitors also have opportunities to camp in the backcountry which can be accessible by backpacking, horse riding, river rafting and off-road vehicle driving. This park is extremely popular during holidays as well as the cooler months of the year, so make sure to book your spot ahead of time. There is no shortage of things to do in this amazing place. 

Padre Island National Seashore: This National Seashore separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Laguna Madre and has many unique camping spots. The park contains 66 miles of coastline, dunes, and prairies, as well as plenty of sea turtles who nest on the shores, and over 380 bird species who roam the skies. There are two developed areas for camping as well primitive and beach camping which is available in three designated areas along the seashore. Many sites require vehicle travel on the beach, so using one of our AER tents would be an excellent idea. The Crua AER is a rooftop tent like no other. It connects to other Crua tents, can be used as a ground tent, and has an anti-wind noise feature. The Crua Culla is a tailor made inner tent for the Crua AER. It is made from premium grade insulation and offers supreme temperature regulation. While keeping you at the perfect temperature, it also blocks out light and dampens sound.

Tyler State Park: Located in East Texas this popular state park has a 64-acre lake centrepiece. Aside from the lake, there are multi-use trails and over 100 campsites to park an RV or pitch a tent. All the campsites have access to restrooms and showers and are all close to the lake shoreline where you can rent a boat or enjoy a variety of water activities. You can boat, fish or swim at the lake, wander through the woods, or sit back, relax, and watch the wildlife through your binoculars. Whether you are just coming over for the day or for a full weekend, there is plenty to do here, and we think you will love this tranquil spot, away from the hustle bustle of busier city life. If you get there, tag us in your photos, share some ideas and if you need some help picking a tent to get there - then just let us know.

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