When in Ireland - Tour Slea Head Drive

When in Ireland - Tour Slea Head Drive

Slea Head Drive & The Blasket Islands - Tick it off your wild camping bucket list!

Hello Crua Community Members, My name is Dani and I am the Social Media Executive at Crua. Let me tell you, when I first started at the company, I wasn't the most outdoorsy person, But I did enjoy camping. However, since starting at Crua my passion for the outdoors and getting back to nature has ignited. I live in Tralee, Co. Kerry the birthplace of Crua and one of the best counties in Ireland to escape to the outdoors. So, on one boring Sunday afternoon, with my partner/sidekick Darragh in tow, we decided to escape to the great outdoors and tour Slea Head Drive.


Slea Head Drive - What is it, where is it?

It's one of Ireland's best coastal routes on the Dingle Peninsula measuring 46km /30 miles, it starts and ends in the picturesque town of Dingle in Co. Kerry. Slea Head Drive is one big loop of breathtaking views, small country roads, scenic features and tiny villages. It takes about  2-3 hours to drive it, however, allow yourself more time to stop, take in the views, see the sights and grab a bite to eat in the lovely village of Ballyferriter.

My main goal on this tour was to hit Slea Head as I wanted to see one of the now famous locations Star Wars - The Last Jedi was filmed on. As we parked up and headed up the first hill, in typical Irish fashion the clouds came rolling in and rain was heading our way. But, we're Irish, rain is always guaranteed! As we began walking up towards the peak of the hill, I was greeted by quite a few sheep scattered across the area. They are used to people walking on their patch so they were unbothered by our presence. The view from Slea Head was incredible, sadly because we got there on a  cloudy day. You couldn't see the Blasket Islands which can be visible from the top of Slea Head when the day is clear, but the visit was worth it regardless of that. I will say, I was tempted to re-enact some scenes as Rey from the Last Jedi, but I was able to control myself. Another amazing spot I highly recommend you visit on the Slea Head Drive is The Blasket Islands.


(Our View of Slea Head)


(How it looks on a clear day - Amazing right !?)


The Blasket Islands

The Blasket Islands are a group of six islands which can be found On the most western point of the Dingle Peninsula. They consist of the main Blasket Island, Beginish, Inishabro, Inishvickillane, Inishtooskert, and Tearaght Island.They are renowned for their scenic features and ruggedness. History states people to have been living on the Blasket Islands from 1597 until eventually the Island was abandoned in 1953. 
In  the summer season you can visit the Great Blasket Island by boat. A trip I would highly recommend as it's the island where time stood still, you can still see features of how the islanders lived many years ago.

Did you know? The Blasket Islands is a popular wild camping spot. It's a really rugged and beautiful spot to camp and perfect place to test out your Crua Duo Combo ;), although there is no other accommodation on the Island, there is a café to provide campers with meals and there is a ferry available between 10am and 5pm to get you across . With all wild camping we always advise to do your research of the area and to be careful!! 


Ballyferriter Village

If you are looking for a true Irish experience as you continue the Slea Head tour then you will want to visit the charming village of Ballyferriter. It’s known that 75% of its population speak Irish on a daily basis. You will also find its pubs, shops and even hotel signage is in Irish so you can enjoy a truly authentic Gaelic experience here.

Tigh Ui Mhurchu - Murphy's Pub

After all the adventure and excitement, you should take a little break and have a bite to eat in Ballyferriter’s Tigh Ui Mhurchu/ Murphy's Pub. This cozy, relaxed and welcoming pub is highly recommended on Tripadvisor and serves delicious wholesome meals and of course the epitome of Irishness, a pint of glorious Guinness.


Have you visited Ireland or even toured Slea Head Drive? Share your story with the Crua Community below. We love reading about your camping adventures!

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