What is Backcountry Camping?

Author: Maria Panuli

Published on: July 31th, 2023

What is Backcountry Camping?

Backcountry camping is very similar to wild camping or primitive camping. Where most camping takes place in a campground with amenities like showers and clean water, backcountry camping refers to camping deeper in the wild.

With backcountry camping, you won’t have the usual amenities of a traditional campground and you’ll have to fend for yourself by living off the land and surviving with what you bring along.

Another marker of backcountry camping is accessibility. Unlike campgrounds that are easily accessible by car, most backcountry spots are only accessible by walking or hiking there. You’ll have to carry your gear into these undeveloped areas and nature-dense areas with no help.

The Benefits of Backcountry Camping

So, you’re considering backcountry camping, but the thought of spending time in the wilderness is a little overwhelming. Don’t worry, we understand it’s a little frightening. But backcountry camping, when done right, isn’t dangerous.

What is Backcountry Camping?

    It also offers a lot of amazing benefits.

  • Perfect solitude: Sometimes getting away from it all is necessary for your mental and spiritual health. While traditional camping is great, it doesn’t afford as much alone time as you’d expect. Backcountry camping, on the other hand, is guaranteed to offer you total peace and quiet.
  • It’s a challenge: If you’re an avid camper, backcountry camping is the natural evolution of your hobby. Challenging yourself is always rewarding, and this is especially true for camping hobbyists.
  • Connect with nature: Away from people, technology, and amenities, you’ll find yourself forced to connect with nature in a way very few people ever do. Not to mention, you’ll also have the opportunity to take amazing photos!

Tips for Backcountry Camping

To have a good time, you need to be prepared. Use these backcountry tips to ensure you have a safe and fun trip into the wild.

Prepare Your Body

Backcountry camping is physically taxing. Before you get started on your trip, we’d suggest spending some time building up your stamina, endurance, and strength. You’ll have to walk and hike far, and your gear is going to feel heavy after a few minutes - no matter how lightweight it is.

Pack Light

As mentioned above, you’ll have to walk to your campsite. Whether you’re making your way up a mountain or through a forest, a heavy pack is going to slow you down and tire you out.

When packing your camping gear, pack only the essentials and pack light. Pack camping gear that is multifunctional and leave any unnecessary items behind.

Prioritize the Essentials

Out in the wild, you need to prioritize items that are going to keep you alive and energized. This means packing non-perishable foods, a light source, a water filter, a multipurpose knife, a small pot for cooking, a lighter or matches, and a small repair kit.

Keep Warm

Even if you are camping in a warmer region, bring warm clothes with you. Temperatures can drop suddenly, and if you have nothing to keep you warm, you could be in danger.

Bring along clothing that provides good insulation, warm and sturdy shoes, and a good sleeping bag. A small, high-quality tent will also go a long way in protecting you from the weather and wild animals.

Backcountry camping can be an incredible and rewarding experience for avid campers. To learn more, follow these 12 essential camping tips. Combine them with the above backcountry camping guide for a safe adventure that’ll change your life!

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