Travel to Camp - Our 3 favorite places to explore

February 21 2017 – Derek O'Sullivan

Travel to Camp - Our 3 favorite places to explore - Crua Outdoors
Travel to Camp - Our 3 favorite places to explore - Crua Outdoors

1). Cape Lookout National Seashore, NC USA

Are you looking for a primitive camping location on a beach? One of our favorite camping destinations is Cape Lookout National Seashore. Cape Lookout is located within the Southern Outer Banks, North Carolina, preserving 56-miles of undeveloped beach. The seashore features nature trails, visitor centers, historic villages, wild horses, and the Cape Lookout Lighthouse. The islands within the seashore are only accessible by boat. We used Cape Lookout Cabins & Camps Ferry Service located in Davis, NC. Their ferry service carries multiple vehicles and passengers scheduled throughout the day.

It’s recommended that you take a 4WD vehicle, since all driving is done on sand. Cape Lookout does not have any paved or hard-surface roads within its boundaries. The doggies love to camp out on the beach too.


 2.) Monongahela National Forest, WV USA

The Monongahela National Forest is located in the Allegheny Mountains of eastern West Virginia, protecting over 921,000 acres of rugged landscape. This area showcases spectacular vistas with some of the highest peaks in the state. We love to visit this area often since it’s only a few hours from our home in Maryland, and offers plenty of outdoor activities. From camping to hiking and fishing to kayaking, this area offers everything that the wild and wonderful West Virginia has to offer.

Monongahela NF is made up of forest roads that leave you with many options for dispersed camping. There are two visitor centers within the National Forest, one of them being at the Cranberry Mountain Nature Center, and the other is located at the Seneca Rock Discovery Center. We suggest climbing the fire towers to experience the breathtaking view from a bird’s eye. If you are feeling really adventurous there are two fire towers you can climb, they are the Bickie Knob Tower and Olson Tower. The Monongahela NF is purified, remote, untroubled, and secretive. If you plan on exploring, do yourself a solid and set a few days aside.


 3.) San Juan Mountain, Co USA

The San Juan Mountains are located in the Southwest region of Colorado and mainly covered by both the San Jaun NF and Uncompahgre NF. The SJM area features some technical terrain for off-road adventure enthusiasts, like us! There are also hiking and biking trails, if you would rather explore by foot. The area was once used for large scale gold and silver mining. You can see the old mine shacks as you make your way through the mountain trails. This was very cool, it’s like you can envision what the area really looked like many, many years ago. What’s left of the SJM's mining days are hundreds of narrow roads leading up to many of the mountain passes, reaching peaks 14k feet above sea level. The majority of these mining roads connect the old towns together, i.e Imogene pass which connects Ouray and Telluride(shopping is a must). We wish we could really help portray how beautiful the scenery was, but neither pictures, video, nor literature (in this case) would ever do it justice. The only thing we can really say is, just add it to your bucket list. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed!


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