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Author: Team CRUA

Published on: March 5th, 2018

Outdoor Cooking: The Crua Community's 7 Best Camping Stoves

Whether you are going on a quiet trip with friends or heading off on an adventure outdoors, there are a few vital items to tick off your camping checklist. Of course, shelter is of the utmost importance. At Crua Outdoors you will find the world’s best camping tents, we have you covered there. Depending on the area, bear spray, insect repellent and camping chairs all hold their own importance. But, as any experienced camper will tell you, the enjoyment of a trip can swing on the quality of your camp stove.

Cherished memories and little pieces of Heaven have come as a result of camping stoves. Waking up on a frosty morning, it is that hot cup of coffee that allows you to jump headfirst into the day. At the end of a long hike, when all you desire is a warm meal, it is the camping stove that provides comfort. Just because you are in the throws of an adventure outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some home warmth.

Over the years, camping stoves have gotten lighter and more conveniently packed. With such a range of makes and models, you can get a great stove at a very reasonable price. That said, with more camping stoves than ever to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming.

What is your Favourite Camping Stove? 

That is why we reached out to the Crua community of ambassadors and outdoor enthusiasts. We asked “What is your favourite camping stove?” and got a great response. So here it is, our list of the seven best camping stoves. These are the tried and tested favourites of our Crua community. We hope it help serves you on your camping adventure.

Priest Lake

1. Camp Chef Everest

The Camp Chef Everest is not only a favourite in the Crua community but a stand out choice in the outdoor community as a whole. At 12lbs, it is a sturdy yet convenient option. The Camp Chef Everest has two powerful burners. On the Camp Chef Everest you can work the two burners independently. 

This stove has inbuilt barriers on three-sides that protect your flame from the wind and allows for outdoor cooking in challenging conditions. For what you are getting the Camp Chef Everest is reasonably priced. A great investment for seasoned campers.

Loch Lomond

2. Coleman Classic Propane

This model can be bought for less than half the price of the Camp Chef Everest. Although it doesn’t quite match up on quality, this represents great value for money. This is the main reason why it is a favourite for casual outdoor persons.

The Coleman brand is highly regarded for its simple, reliable performance. This particular model is set up in a similar fashion to the Camp Chef Everest. It is wind protected with two burners. Again, this is great when making a simple meal of fried meat and boiled vegetables. As expected, it is less powerful and a lot less durable than the Camp Chef Everest. However, if you are on a budget this is a great option that gets the job done.

Sage Campground

3. Coleman Triton Series

The Goldilocks of Camping Stoves For many, the Camp Chef Everest is that bit too expensive and the Coleman Classic Propane sacrifices too much on quality, but the Coleman Triton is just right. This model is middle of the road in terms of price and a great all round camping stove. It comes in a bit lighter than the Classic Propane model which makes it a perfect travel companion. The burners are that bit more powerful than the classic propane model and are independently adjustable. Depending on your needs this could be the perfect stove for you.

Forest Road in Gunnison National Park

4. Snow Peak GigaPower LI Stove

This backpacking stove is not for everyone. With a price-tag of around $375, it is quite an investment for a single burner stove. That said, there is a huge amount of quality behind this perfectly crafted model. Strong arms accommodate all sizes of pots and pans, while independently adjustable legs allow for cooking on all surfaces.

The 34,000 BTU burner is perfect for cooking hearty, single pot meals for large groups. This stove represents a significant price increase from our first three community-recommended camping stoves. But for those that value smart details, a compact design and only require a single strong burner, this could be a great option. The Snow Peak GigaPower LI Stove is thoughtfully designed, highly functional and pretty cool looking if we do say so ourselves.

Little Molas Lake

5. MSR PocketRocket 2

This is by far the smallest camping stove on our list. With its diminutive size and folding cup function, it is absolutely ideal for light travelling adventurers. This piece of equipment is so small, it can be folded into a hard case shell which fits in the palm of your hand.

Given its size, this backpacking stove offers something completely different to the other camping stoves in the list. Perfect for short term campers that want the option to cook small meals.

Escalante Canyon

6. Jetboil MiniMo Cooking System

Slightly heavier and more expensive than the previous lightweight canister stove. The value in the Jetboil MiniMo comes in its many additional features. These include a push-button igniter, sturdy handle and excellent simmer control. The Jetboil MiniMo Cooking System is known to be as efficient and convenient as backcountry stoves get.

Please note: The last two options are more suited for individual excursions. The small stoves can fit in your backpack and allow you to boil your own drinks or cook individual meals. If you plan on cooking for larger groups, you would be better suited to the other camping stoves listed.

Mount Herman Road

7. Camp Chef Explorer

Some camping holidays should be spent lazing in the sun, enjoying good food with friends and family. When catering for a large group is your main aim, you want a camping stove that is up to the challenge.

Dollar for dollar, you would be hard pushed to find a camping stove that can compete with the Camp Chef Explorer. Boasting two 30,000 BTU burners, it is just like bringing your home stove into the wild. The obvious downside being, at 36 pounds, it might feel like you’re doing just that. However, in most cases if you are buying this stove, portability and convenience probably isn’t a big concern. All things considered, due to its power and large capacity, we found this to be one of the best family camping stoves.

Three Things To Consider when Deciding on the Best Camping Stoves

Group Cooking  

If you are going it alone and won’t be flexing your culinary muscles too much, then a solo stove or single burner gas stove should more than suffice. However, when cooking in group settings, a single burner can cause unnecessary angst.

The power of the burners also plays a role here. If you are cooking for a group you want to make sure that food is cooked evenly and quickly. This is where spending that little bit extra can make a world of difference.


No matter what camping stove you decide on, portability is an important factor to consider. The very nature of camping requires you to be efficient with what you bring with you. This goes doubly for camping stoves as they are often one of the most awkward pieces of equipment you will be carrying in your person.

That said, if you are driving to and from the campsite with family, being able to cook quickly and efficiently in a group setting might be a bigger priority for you. In that case portability can take on less significance.

Value For Money

Of course, value for money is one of the most important considerations. At Crua Outdoors we believe that you do not purchase camping equipment, you investment in it. If you plan on enjoying many adventures outdoors in the years ahead, a quality stove is as good an investment as a camper will ever make.

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