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The Best 13 Super Bowl Superstitions

The Best 13 Super Bowl Superstitions

The Super Bowl and superstitions go together like salt and pepper, and are taken as seriously as the game itself. To get into the Super Bowl spirit, we are counting down the thirteen best and funniest superstitions and rituals the fans and players engage in during the NFL season.

1. Marshawn Lynch is a household name in The NFL with an impressive record to show it. Lynch has won a Super Bowl and has multiple Pro Bowl appearances. This has earned him the nickname BEAST MODE, but something that isn't so BEAST MODE is his pregame ritual. Lynch east a whole packet of skittles before every game. This ritual goes all the way back to his school days. Watch here

2. Taybor Pepper is a long snapper for the San Francisco 49ers and has a strange fingernail routine. Pepper has to cut his fingernails exactly two days before a game. He says it gives him the best grip at this length when match day comes around.

3. Tom Brady, is considered the G.O.A.T by many people. He has a more practical pre-game ritual than most. During their pre-game warm-up, Brady would get his receivers to stand at certain points of the field where he believes the sun would shine in their eyes, he would then throw them passes with the goal of training the players eyes to deal with sun blindness that may effect real game play. Who knows if this actually works but his career statistics would indicate..it does!!

4. John Henderson played defensive tackle for the Jaguars during the 2000s. He was considered one of the biggest in the league in his position. Throughout his career he had a very strange ritual, which included Henderson getting one of his trainers to slap him in the face a few times to get him pumped up.

5. Justin Tucker is a kicker from the ravens and is regarded as one of the best placekickers of all time, with some crazy stats to back it up. Tucker, who has two NFL records, the first being the best field goal percentage at 90.5% with a minimum one hundred attempts, and the second record he holds is for the longest field goal in history. Yet his pregame ritual may be as bizarre as his records. Before every game Tucker lays out his entire uniform on the floor at the foot of his locker, in the shape of a person. He was inspired by his idol Deion Sanders and has done this since he was a kid.

6. Talking about record breakers, Chris Jones had a superstition that helped him break one of the most impressive records in the NFL. Chris is a highly decorated player and besides his Super Bowl win, he is well known for holding the record for most games while making a sack. During this record he never changed his gloves, much to the dismay of his teammates, as it was stated that the gloves smelt horrible. As gross as this superstition was, it helped Jones break his record and those gloves eventually retired.


7. Emmanuel Sanders is a wide receiver that won Super Bowl 50 with the Denver Broncos. Sanders may have one of the more entertaining pre-game rituals than most and it involves video games. Sanders likes to go and beat the opposition team they are about to play in a game of madden. 


Now, here are some fun fan superstitions:


8. From Vermints.com One San Francisco 49ers fan stated that he has to watch the last two minutes of every 49ers game standing on the coffee table.

9. Reddit Tal125 has made it his ritual and only drinks Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer and can't have his first sip till kickoff. On top of this, he watches the “What time is it'' remix video by Ray Lewis before the game starts.

10. From Vermints.com one fan stated that he sleeps with two New England Patriot teddy bears he called offence and defense, which he tucks into bed every night. He also only wears one jersey for the entire season which doesn't get washed at all.

11. Reddit User T-nawtical has a long list of rituals. Firstly he has to stream every game on his home tv. He has to wear his WoodHead jersey as well as two more Chargers merchandise. If a change of luck is needed he drinkS mountain dew voltage out of his Chargers glass. To top it all off at the start of every game and for every touchdown scored he listens to the San Diego Chargers theme song while playing a mini-game of catch in the living room. With a list like that surely it works, right? Well, he claims that his team has only lost twice in his lifetime when has done all that. Pretty convincing I’d say!

12. From Vermints.com a Seattle Seahawks player said that they only walk on the blue sections on our blue and brown carpet during games.

13. Reddit User Quexana has a superstition that doesn't allow him to wave his Steelers terrible towel. The day he bought it they lost to the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. The next time he waved his terrible towel The Steelers lost to the Ravens in week 1 and the final time his terrible towel saw the light of day was when Tim Tebow won the game for the Broncos against the steelers. Safe to say it's time that terrible towel gets retired.


From staple meals to a hard slap, people really do try everything to better their odds at winning and show support for their team.

Do you have any Super Bowl superstitions? Let us know below




Photo 1 Credit: SF Eater

Photo 2 Credit: Bleacher Report

Photo 4 Credit: Fredrick Lee on Unsplash  





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