Survival Guide to Camping in the Rain

Author: Maria Panuli

Published on: August 21th, 2023

Survival Guide to Camping in the Rain

Whether you’re trying to avoid summer showers or visiting the best winter camping spots in the US, rain can put a damper on the mood. But as any veteran camper will tell you, rain isn’t a big deal when you have the right gear and the know-how to deal with it.

Today, we’ll walk you through our survival guide to camping in the rain. From pitching your tent to starting a campfire when it’s wet, we’ll help you create a warm, dry, and safe camping space with our camping in the rain hacks.

Find the Right Tent Site

Find the Right Tent Site

When setting up your tent:

  • Set it up on an elevation: Water follows the path of least resistance and it’s always running downward. If you find a spot that’s elevated, the water will run away from your tent. This will prevent you from pitching your tent in a spot that might flood.
  • Avoid water: Don’t pitch your tent right next to any lakes, rivers, or any other type of watering hole. Lots of rain will cause the water to rise, and you don’t want to accidentally get caught in that!
  • Prioritize sunlight: Choose a tent site in a clearing or somewhere the sun can dry your tent and the campsite. If there is too little sun, your tent site will stay wet and cold.
  • Be smart about trees: While trees provide some cover from the rain, they also hold onto water for much longer. Be smart about where you pitch your tent and choose areas where there is some tree cover but not so much that it’ll be dripping hours after the rain has stopped.

Create a Rain-Free Outdoor Space with Tarps

Tarps are the best way to keep your campsite rain free. Set your tarps up as soon as you can, and cover as much of your campground as possible. This will create a dry space where you can set up your campsite so that you don’t have to be trapped in your tent while it rains.

How to Start a Campfire in the Rain

How to Start a Campfire in the Rain

To start a fire in the rain:

  • You’ll need dry kindling to start the fire. If you can’t find dry kindling, you can also use newspaper or cotton covered in petroleum jelly to start your fire.
  • Finally, take a lighter or matches and light your kindling, and add dry wood when it gains strength.

Wear Proper Clothing to Stay Dry

Finally, keep yourself warm in the rain. Wear multiple layers and cover your warm clothes with waterproof outer layers. We also recommend shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry. If it’s very cold, add hot packs to your clothing and hang up your wet clothes under your tarp to dry as soon as you’re done with it.

Of course, you’ll also need a high-quality tent and good camping gear. Combine great gear with the above survival guide, and we guarantee you’ll have a much easier time camping in the rain.

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