Road Trip Boredom Busters- 5 fun activities to turn “Are we there yet?” to “But, we’re not done yet”

Road Trip Boredom Busters- 5 fun activities to turn “Are we there yet?” to “But, we’re not done yet”

Everyone loves a good road trip, especially when the weather is on your side. The excitement and anticipation to hit the open road is immense. The car is packed, the kids are strapped in and it's time to go. Amazing, right? Right! and then the rose tinted glasses of a peaceful and relaxing trip fall away, 20 minutes in and the kids' greatest hits break out  “are we there yet?” “the battery died on my game“why is the sun/moon following me? and the dreaded “I'm BORED” eek..nightmare, we all know what boredom leads too... 

But, never fear, as we created a list of fun filled and unique road trip games to turn “are we there yet?” to “but, we’re not done yet”


1- Rock, Paper, Scissors

Ah, you can’t beat a classic. Rock, Paper, Scissors- It’s a game of legends, the decider in every big decision in our young and adult lives and it's also a great boredom buster too!

How to play:

There is no player age limit and requires a minimum of TWO players. It does not require any physical props and can be played anywhere!
Each player must scrunch their hand into a fist and say out loud, "Rock, Paper, Scissors," while swinging their fist in a downwards motion on each word. After the third word,, each player must make one of three hand gestures;
  1.  A closed fist representing "rock," 
  2. An open hand representing "paper" 
  3. A  V representing "scissors."
To win the player must make the hand gesture of the object that will defeat the opponent's object. For example, a rock can crush a pair of scissors, rock beats scissors. Scissors cut paper, so scissors beat paper. Since paper can cover a rock, paper beats rock. If opponents use the same gesture, the game is tied. This game can be played in rounds e.g Best of 3 rounds or if there is multiple players, you can play until there is only one true Rock, Paper, Scissors Champ!


2- Road Trip Bingo

Who doesn’t love a bit of competition? With Road Trip Bingo, let the adrenaline soar as you get one step closer to shouting BINGO!

How to play:                       

You will need some sheets of paper to make a list (or you can make  bingo cards at home before you leave) and some markers.
Create a list of objects such as vehicles, signs or animals etc. that you would generally see out on your travels. The aim of the game is to be the first person to cross off, one line in round one, two lines in round two or the full house( full list) in round three. The first person to complete a line or card shouts BINGO and wins the game.


3- Triple Threat

This game involves creativity, imagination and most of all FUN.

How to play:

You will need at least three players for this game and your wits about you!
One person, preferably Mom or Dad, must choose three nouns, like “sock,”monster” and “banana,” for example. Then the kids have to create a story that must include those three words. Endless entertainment guaranteed!

Warning: Please be advised things will get very silly, very quickly- Be prepared for lots of laughter.


4- Sing Along Karaoke Challenge

Think Carpool Karaoke, but better!

How to play: 

Any number of players can join in. It requires you to be quick on your feet, have a good memory and the ability to carry a tune.. is optional!
One person starts by singing 2 lines from a popular song. The other players must pay close attention to the last word sung.
The next person to sing must start a new song beginning with the last word sung by the previous player. You must be quick and if you stop or stumble your out! Carry on playing until there is a winner.

5-Two Truths and a Lie

What better way to get to know your travel companions by telling tall tales and insane truths about yourself. Impress your friends or surprise your parents with this car trip classic.

How to play:

This game has no age or player limits! Each player must think of two true statements and one lie. Tell them to the other passengers and each player must guess which statement is the lie! Take it in turns and enjoy their reaction. 

These boredom busting games are ideal to keep the family entertained on long journeys to the campsite, so much so you may struggle to get them out of the car when you arrive! (You may end up setting up your Crua Culla Insulated Cocoon in the car with all the excitement ) These camping road trip games are also the perfect pastime when you're sitting around your Crua Firepit! 

Let us know in the comments below what your favourite road trip game is while on your trip to the campsite!





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