Ready, steady, Kickstarter! On August 9th…

December 26 2016 – Cs Development

We’re thrilled to announce that your Crua Hybrid will be coming to Kickstarter on Tuesday, August 9th.

Packed full of unique features, this tent / hammock combines everything you need in one:

  • A tent
  • A hammock
  • A customized sleeping bag
  • A built-in insulated mattress
  • ‘Connectability’ – join two or more together

We have combined cutting edge design with brand new technologies to ensure that every feature performs brilliantly – absolutely no half measures.

As this is our second Kickstarter campaign (third crowdfunding campaign) we have learned a thing or two about bringing products to market along the way. We combine only the very best materials – such as the aerospace grade aluminium in our poles – with the very best workmanship. In fact, our manufacturing partners are regarded as the number one tent manufacturer in the world. Together we have developed a world class product for you. It has been tested by the experts, and they agree.

So, we have come through the prototyping and the testing. This took 11 months, but we’re glad we waited to get this right. As we proceeded we incorporated a number of design changes along the way to ensure that the product superseded everything else individually, and then we brought the features together for the first time.

And Crua Hybrid is finally here. Our Kickstarter campaign will go live on Tuesday August 9th, when we will be offering pre-orders at an amazing 50% off future retail prices – if you’re lucky enough to avail of our ‘Early Bird’ offers (first 100 tents only) – and 40% off future retail at our Kickstarter Special. Delivery in Q4 2016 guaranteed – we’re ready to hit the ‘make’ button!

Even more importantly than that, you will get the chance to become one of the first to experience a new era in the outdoors.

Make sure that Tuesday August 9th is in the diary, and grab one of the coveted ‘Early Birds’.


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  • Nathan: August 07, 2019
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    Hi I am looking for some advice as to notmore specifications for this tent me and 3 others on the 26th of August are trecking 186 miles around wales in aid of charity so would this tent be available and delivered to Wales before the 26th we bought 3?

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