Our Top 5 Motivational Playlists For Your Next Hike

August 26 2022 – Marketing Design

Our Top 5 Motivational Playlists For Your Next Hike
Our Top 5 Motivational Playlists For Your Next Hike

It’s said that nature is the healer and music is the medicine. Connecting to nature is why we campers and hikers crave the great outdoors, to breathe clean fresh air and to clear our heads from the stresses of life. 

But, sometimes on a tough hike, a little extra boost to get you through that incline or the long trek to the next campsite is really needed. Now, I am not the fittest person and when I’m on the trail I need MOTIVATION to push on. So, this is where I introduce an epic playlist and let it summon all the energy of a Duracell bunny to give me the power to plough on.

How is this possible I hear you say!? Well, it's all in the BPM’s baby!  According to an article on wynsors.com and Relationship and Mind coach Md Ansar Ali;

“the ideal BPM for walking and other workouts is between 125 and 140 beats per minute. The benefits of choosing tracks within this tempo range can be great, with studies showing that listening to music can even increase performance”  

So in a nutshell, through lots of scientific research, it is found that when we walk we tend to synchronize our steps to the beat of the music we listen to. So, if you need an energy boost or want to move faster, increase those BPM’s.



The most important thing to note is that music is a personal choice and you must take into account your mood, surroundings and level of fitness to choose what playlist will give you power. But if you're not sure and need a little guidance, we have compiled a list of the Top 5 awesome playlist to get you motivated for your next hike!

  1. Hiking Playlist by Galen Havey
  2. Upbeat Walking Playlist by Ankita
  3. Morning Hike by Playlist Pop
  4. Workout-120 BPM by Jordan Robert Magill
  5. The Best Hiking Songs Ever by Various Artist

    The most important thing with any hike, bike, walk or run is to enjoy the view once you reach the top! We recommended taking a rest before the journey back.

    If space allows and it's safe to do so why not hang up your Crua Koala and relax while you catch your breath, 

    Photo Credit: @hikingcorry

    Or, bring your Crua Culla Blanket  to wrap up in after a long hike.

    Photo Credit: hikingcorry


    Share your story with the Crua Community and let us know what playlists get you motivated on your hike :)



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