Our Insulated Crua Tents

February 25 2022 – Bobby McGill

Our Insulated Crua Tents
Our Insulated Crua Tents

We're outdoor enthusiasts and adventure lovers who take serious satisfaction in creating the best outdoor experiences for you. We work around the clock to make it possible for you to camp in total comfort, whenever and wherever you choose. We are curious, we ask questions and figure out solutions so that we can be prepared for the odd curveball that likes to rear its head every now and then, but then isn’t that what friends do. In the desert, the snow or even on a roof for crying out loud, we will literally find ways to make our shelters suit your needs.

We thought we would take a pause to introduce our tent ranges to you. Each was designed with a really specific purpose in mind.

Clan Series

‘Clan’ is a play on the Irish word for Family. We call them modular, you might call them connectable. Our connectable tents are used by themselves or in little connected groups. This clan set of tents is our best selling and can be used individually or attached together - a living room and up to 3 bedrooms off the main room, pretty neat and unique. The Crua Core is the central tent in this series, but what makes it so well liked?

  1. Firstly, it’s easy to use and manage
  2. Core can be pitched in 2 mins with its air frame beams
  3. It can hold up to 6 people in 1 extra large room (over 9ft/2.7mtr of headspace) or combined with additional 3 Crua Duo Maxx it can hold up to 9+ people
  4. Drive in porch - easy to attach to most RV’s

And with two side panels in the porch, it gives a great panoramic view from your pitch. The Core’s awesomeness doesn’t end there.

As a key part of our modular tent series, it can be combined in multiple ways with the Crua Duo, Crua Culla, Crua Duo Maxx, or Crua Culla Maxx. How you use it, all depends on the number of friends and family members for which you need to cater. It is your Crua, your way.


Mór Series (Pronounced More)

These are the big dogs. We even tested the Crua Loj (Pronounced Lodge) out in Greenland to prove our point, and it stayed put in 200kmh hurricane force winds! This tent is not for the faint hearted.

‘Mór’ is the Irish word for big meaning that these tents are ideal for larger groups and longer stays. The tents are secure, breathable, and noise dampening, helping you to have a great night sleep, where you are cut off from nature’s elements. The breathable polycotton used to make the tent's inner lining and flysheet as well as the waterproof TPU laminate on the flysheet's underside, means you don't have to worry about condensation turning your tent into a "slip 'n slide".

That’s a lot of tech talk, let’s break it down for you. Our tents:

  1. Keep you cooler in warm weather 
  2. Keep you warmer in cold weather
  3. Have strong noise reduction because we use thicker material and our inner cocoon (read on)
  4. Reduce external light - so you can sleep longer in the mornings or enjoy the midday siesta

Call us biased, but we think the Crua Loj is the best tent in the world for group camping ever. Don’t believe us, just ask Conde Naste. Our Loj is just so hard working. It can comfortably accommodate up to 6 friends or family members. As for the bedroom zone, the Crua Loj is unique, because of our legendary insulation technology. Apart from all the tech stuff above, it is warm, split into 2 rooms and has tons of storage. 

The result? You wake feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever outdoor challenge you have planned. 

Now let’s tell you about the outside. The Loj’s is a beast - we use strong steel posts, storm stakes and a polycotton that is 5,000ML of protection. Putting it up takes time, but it is time spent appreciating how much we over engineered this tent. Come wind, rain, snow, or shine the Crua Loj has you covered. Now the only thing you need to worry about is where you and your peeps are going to venture next.

AER Series (Pronounced - well, Air)

Trek to the desert? No problem. Off the grid by the mountains? You got it. Or maybe you just want a relaxing day at the beach with your family. With these tents you can travel far and wide, with the only limitations being your snack supply. You can hit the road in a matter of minutes and nestle into your easy-setup, wilderness wonderland. 

We all crave a good ol' fashioned camping trip from time to time. With the Crua AER the most difficult part of your future camping trips is no longer a frustratingly long setup time. Now it's more like deciding which beer to crack open first. Maybe you just want to keep your roof free? Our Crua AER fits into a convenient carry bag, meaning you've got two awesome tents in one. Your kids will love the abundance of space in the Crua AER. Plus, with our usual make up of Crua materials, you're guaranteed a peaceful night's sleep wherever in the world you go.

Winner of 'Best Rooftop Tent' awarded by Popular Mechanics' Gear of the Year 2021: Outdoor, the Crua AER is a rooftop tent like no other. It connects to other Crua tents, can be used as a ground tent, and has an anti-wind noise feature. 

And yes, this is connectable too!

Not only that but add the Crua Culla (the Crua Culla Haul is coming soon!) and you have a thermally insulated interior. Yep, we were impressed as well. 

The Crua Culla is a tailor-made inner tent for the Crua AER. It is made from premium grade insulation and offers supreme temperature regulation. While keeping you at the perfect temperature, it also blocks out light and dampens sound.

We have seen the AER on a whole host of different vehicles. The Crua AER will fit most standard roof bars. 

Some tech tips - try before you buy, or just ask us.

To get the Crua AER on your vehicle, you will need a set of crossbars. Please check both the static and dynamic loads of your crossbars. These crossbars should run perpendicular to your vehicle. The Gap between the mounting points on the Crua AER is 76cm. The Gap between the mounting points on the Crua AER Maxx is 80cm. We developed a new “Bead and Rail” system to eliminate wind noise in your tent. It’s been tried and tested during Gale force winds on the brutal west coast of Ireland!

Culla Series

As for Culla, Codladh is the Irish word for sleep. But we felt that since the spelling didn't match the phonetics, it might confuse people. So we played around with Kulla, Colla, Culla, etc. We landed on Culla as we felt phonetically, it was the closest sounding to Codladh and in Italian, Culla means cot, or baby's crib - all of which play directly into "the best night's sleep you can have in the wild".

As soon as you’ve slept in an insulated tent, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one! Crua’s patented Insulation not only works in the cold to keep heat in, but it also works in hot weather to keep heat out. The Crua Culla Cocoon patented TT insulation blocks out bright light, provides amazing sound-dampening against intrusive noises and regulates the tent’s interior temperature. What does this mean for you? A snug, peaceful environment, guaranteeing you will wake up ready for any adventure. Crua insulated tents offer 19 times better insulation than a conventional tent!

The Crua Hammock Culla is part of this series and is the most comfortable hammock accessory imaginable. It's an insulated Cocoon outer shell, which adopts our patented, climate-controlling materials. Imagine always feeling "Just Right". 

We call this the Goldilocks effect!

Where you're cozy and snug, whatever the weather. With Crua's new Hammock Culla, just place it around your existing hammock and you can be guaranteed the Best Night's Sleep in the Wild. Imagine Goldilocks. But in a kick-ass insulated hammock. Snuggle up to the feeling of perfect temperature - always.

Sliabh Series (Pronounced Shleeve) 

The Sliabh Series was named after the Sliabh Mis Mountains that are near our office. Derek grew up hiking these mountains and we see them every day from our office. It's another part of our company/Derek's history. Derek's childhood home was actually at the base of Mt. Brandon (part of Sliabh Mis).

Backpacking, hiking, or hanging - we have everything you need! We believe that comfort can be portable, and these camping accessories and tents are convenient to carry.

To start, the Crua Hybrid gives you the choice of staying grounded or suspending your tent in the surrounding trees like a cocoon. To hang or not to hang? That is the question that differentiates the pioneering Crua Hybrid from a typical one-person tent. But wait, there's more. Additional features include an integrated anti-bug mesh that allows you to enjoy the flow of fresh air on balmy summer nights without being plagued by creepy crawlies. Also, a waterproof flysheet which protects you from the elements in cool, overcast, or rainy conditions.

The Crua HoverChair is designed to make you go "ah" no matter your chosen chill spot. We know you love being in nature, clear skies above, raw beauty as far as the eye can see. We also appreciate that you love being comfortable. Plus, the dual-pouch side pocket is ideal for storing a refreshing beverage, a pair of binoculars, or if you're feeling nostalgic, a good old-fashioned book.

These are just some of our favorites but be sure to check out the full Sliabh Series for all our portable camping accessories!

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