Meet our Ambassador Hiking Corry

Meet our Ambassador Hiking Corry

About Me:

I am a 20-year-old British Columbia resident and full-time marketing professional who loves to explore the outdoors when i'm not at my 9-5 job. I enjoy spending my spear time exploring B.C.'s beautiful land and I ha have a huge passion for hiking. Ever since I could walk, I have been hiking trails and wandering mountain tops.

When people look at my feed, they will see tons of photos of nature and lots of me hiking. I take lots of photos around Kamloops and also in the Rocky Mountains, the Coastal Mountains, and everywhere else in between! Here is me enjoying my Koala Hammock.

I try and capture the places I explore in their truest form. It’s really hard to portray the beauty of places in a photo as I see it in real life. I like to include people in my shots to add perspective.


Crua Outdoors is a brand that I truly love because it fits so authentically with my life. From their tents, to their hammocks, and their accessories, there’s always something to bring along on an adventure. 

Crua also makes gear that I can trust to withstand the elements and that I know will always be able to keep up with my adventures. This past summer I really put their gear to the test and it held up so well! 

My Favourite Destinations to Bring my CRUA Gear:

I took my Culla Blanket and gear to the Canadian Rocky Mountains lots this summer! I also went on a heli hiking trip south of Golden, British Columbia. I am looking forward to many more adventures next time.

In the future I’d love to take my gear to Norway, Italy and South America.

Give Corry a follow on her Instagram to follow her on her adventures! @hikingcorry


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