How to Correctly Clean a Tent After Camping

Author: Maria Panuli

Published on: July 24th, 2023

How to Correctly Clean a Tent After Camping

We’ve all been there. You drove hours, pumped up to set up your tent and relax, only to open your tent bag and find everything still dirty from your previous trip. Maybe you thought about cleaning your tent at home but your procrastination turned to forgetfulness or you didn’t think leaving it dirty would be a big deal.

That’s why it’s always best to clean your tent properly after each camping trip. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here’s how to correctly clean your tent to ensure you’re always prepped for future adventures.

1. Gather All the Cleaning Supplies

First, get all the cleaning supplies. You’ll need access to a water source and a clear spot that you don’t mind getting wet or dirty. We’d always recommend cleaning your tent outside.

As for cleaning tools, you’ll need a sponge or cloth, a wash tub to hold soapy water, as well as a bristle brush. Use a gentle, neutral dish soap for the cleaning process.

2. Shake and Brush off Any Loose Dirt and Debris

Remove all the dried dirt and debris from the outside and inside of your tent. Take the tent outside and shake it to remove the loose dirt.

Next, use the bristle brush to gently brush away the outside dirt. Partially set up your tent before going inside and scooping up any loose dirt. You can also take a vacuum inside to suck up the dirt to save time.

3. Spot Clean Dirty Areas

If there are super dirty spots, spot-clean them before submerging your tent. Take your sponge or cloth and dip it in warm, soapy water. Gently scrub at the dirty spots. Make sure you don’t lift or damage the tent material with harsh rubbing.

Rinse the sponge or cloth until all the soap is gone, soak up clean water, and remove the dirty soap water. Rinse and repeat until the spot is as clean as you can get it.

4. Immerse and Soak the Tent

Next, prep your tub with lukewarm water and soap. Don’t use too much soap, as it could damage the tent material. Turn your tent inside out and soak it in the tub. Let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes, agitating it every 5 minutes.

5. Rinse It Off

Remove the tent from the tub and gently squeeze the excess water out. Don’t twist the tent.

If the tent is still visibly dirty, refill the tub with clean soapy water and repeat the process until the water drains clear.

When the tent is clean, fill the tub with clean water and rinse off the soap. Again, rinse and repeat until no more soap is present.

6. Let It Dry

Finally, let the tent dry. Hang it on a clothing rack, shower rod, or table. Flip it when the outside is dry. Let the tent dry until it is completely dry. If you put it away while it’s still damp it could grow mold.

By cleaning your tent after every few camping trips, you can maintain its quality. It’ll also improve your comfort and save you a lot of stress. To improve your camping experience even more, browse these camping tips for a successful trip!

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