Hiking Tips by Guest Blogger Littleradadventures

Hiking Tips by Guest Blogger Littleradadventures
This week's blog is brought to you by our guest blogger Nataliya Zasadko a.k.a  Littleradadventures. Nataliya is an avid outdoors enthusiast whose passion is encouraging families to get outside and connect with nature. She creates amazing content including tips and tricks for camping with kids. You can follow her journey here.

Top Hiking Tips & Essentials List

We love to get outside and experience the thrill of adventure as a family, as it’s an excellent way to spend time together, move our bodies, slow down and just enjoy nature. Today I am sharing a checklist with important items to  take with you on your next family adventure, and hopefully make planning and packing easier and less stressful.

- A comfortable blanket to stop, rest and have a picnic or to wrap around yourself after a long hike. We are using the Crua Culla Insulated Blanket, we love it as it is lightweight, super-tough, and keeps us warm.  It also has a water resistant outer shell so its perfect to use as a picnic blanket. You can also connect two or more of them together for a bigger picnic blanket or sleeping bag. 

- Bring a carrier or hiking backpack. We are using Osprey Packs and we love it. It’s comfortable, not very heavy and has some storage. For an adult hiking backpack we use Deuter Daypack, 24L.

- If you have a small hiker then make sure he/she has proper/comfortable footwear as it's essential to hiking success. We love Merrell hiking shoes for both summer and winter hiking, as they have great traction, breathe very well and come in wide widths, which is a big deal for us, as both of my boys have super wide feet.

- Carry a hydration pack or water bottle. We love Thermos, RTIC or Decathlon brand water bottles as they are affordable, light, and keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours. Fun Fact:  Adults usually need 2 cups of water per hour of hiking and children 1-2 cups per hour of hiking.

- Sunscreen and  sun protective clothing made with UPF fabric as recommended by The Skin and Cancer Foundation. For sunscreen we usually pick products that are waterproof and mineral based

- Insect/bug  repellent for mosquitoes and ticks

- First aid kit

- Beanies or wide brimmed sun hats with neck flaps for extra protection

- Sunglasses

- Snacks

- Diapers

- Wet wipes and hand sanitizer

- Rain Poncho

- Hand warmers

- An emergency whistle, as sound is much louder and travels farther than the human voice. Both of our hiking backpacks and child carriers have one, check yours, as I am sure you got one too, if not then get one!

- Bear bell or a bear spray is the good one to carry too 

      I know starting adventuring with kids can be intimidating… but in my opinion getting the family together outdoors has enough benefits to make it worth it

      What is your must haves when hiking with kids? Leave a comment below :) 


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