Fabrizio Lo Faro, a story out of the ordinary!

Fabrizio Lo Faro, a story out of the ordinary! - Crua Outdoors

Time has come to talk about "una storia straordinaria"! Fabrizio Lo Faro has become one of our ambassadors because he decided to live an amazing adventure! Few months ago he bought the Crua Tri: a three-person insulated tent, to go to England and live in it while studying to become a woodworker! To let you know more about him, here are some news from him!

“If you spend enough time dreaming then the dream might eventually become real”. A motto Fabrizio lives by!

Fabrizio is a Sicilian guy who used to work as a geologist. He spent most of his time working on varied platforms located abroad. From the Pilbara Desert in Australia to the middle of the North Sea, he’s always been a traveler! Although he has had some great experiences, something was missing in his life: his creativity couldn’t open up!

He started to become interested in woodworking. Watching youtube videos and getting inspired, he got obsessed with it and found a new passion.

Fabrizio wanted to become a woodworker.

He finally took things in action and started looking into courses, schools that could exceed his expectations!

Fabrizio decided to change his life! He quit his job to go back to school.

He wanted the best education and started researching in Italy but eventually he chose a school in England. There, he found much more offers and cultural interests in making fine furniture.

His Holy Grail was in the David Savage Woodworking School in Rowden, south west of England.



Everybody knows how expensive life and education can be. But, Fabrizio didn’t let anything stand in his way! He first did a trial for a week. He needed to be sure he was making the right decision.

He finally signed up for the one-year-designer-maker course and he prioritized: school first and the rest comes next. Even though living and renting is expensive, nothing could hold him back. He started his 50-week adventure with no fear!

He decided to invest in an original accommodation… Our woodworker isn’t a common student, he doesn’t live in a common apartment with other common students! Fabrizio opted for a CRUA TRI! He sparked our attention. We knew him as one of our customers then we saw him as one of our partners!

For five months now he has been living in a Crua tent and has pleasure in enjoying the simplicity of life!  Where has he pitched it? On his college grounds of course! The organization let him set up his habitat in front of the doors. Astonishing, isn’t it?



Although he's living his dream, the most difficult part might be the distance to his family. Indeed, originally from Sicily – Italy - , he had to leave people close to him to make his dream come true. Quitting from an old life can be daunting and frightening but Fabrizio has all the support he needs.

Truth is, he doesn’t really have time to get bored! Indeed, he’s enjoying each day as it comes, learning and practicing. For five months, he’s been working on school projects such as basics like building his own trestle, workbench and a jewellery box. Besides, he’s free to work on his personal projects when time is available. He’s already starting his next projects. No spoil, you’ll know more when he’ll publish his work on Instagram.



We got inspired by his story and courage, so we saw him as a perfect match to be a Crua Ambassador! He followed his gut feeling just like any other adventurer.

You’re wondering what it is like to live in a tent?… Fabrizio says, 'living in a Crua provides a completely different experience than any other regular tents. It might seem weird at the start but to me, it’s actually easy to live in. It feels like home for me! The tent is performing very well and the insulation exceeds expectations.' The Crua Tri gave him the opportunity to live his dream in England without compromising the quality of his life.



At the moment, he’s living the toughest months in England. It’s constantly raining and cold. Let’s say relatively cold as he’s an italian guy living in Sicily where the weather is always, or nearly, warm. To be sure he doesn’t get sick and too cold when evening is coming, he started using a small heater to warm up the tent. Fortunately, thanks to the Crua technology, the tent keeps the warmth efficiently and makes it comfy! Nothing could make Fabrizio happier when coming back from an amazing learning day!



He’s already an great woodworker (even if still student) and full of hope for future. Fabrizio has eight months left to graduate his one year as a designer maker student.

But what next?

He hopes to open up his own furniture shop back in Sicily. He’d be glad to go back to Italy, living by the sea and keep enjoying a lifestyle that allows him to be creative, to design and make durable and beautiful wood furniture.

At the same time, he keeps having this thirst for learning. Could he improve what he’d learnt in England, in Italy? He‘s aware of opportunities he could have in companies when back home and would enjoy learning more about his dream work!




In any case, he knows that someday, he’ll be a cabinet maker, truly fulfilled in his new life!

Follow him on Instagram!

Live Tough, Sleep Easy.

-The Crua Team

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