Erin Hamlin: The Rocket is about to get launched!

Erin Hamlin: The Rocket is about to get launched! - Crua Outdoors

Erin Hamlin lives near Crua Outdoors in the United-States, we're proud to know her and wanted to wish her the best of luck for the Olympics Games held in PyeongChang, South Korea this year!

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Who’s Erin Hamlin?

Erin is a 31-year-old woman who comes from New Hartford, Oneida – New-York.

By the age of 12, she started to get interested in Luge and practice near home in Lake Placid! Growing up she wasn't much of a daredevil. Yet, she’s ended up as being one of the best female luger we’ve ever seen.


(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)


Unforgettable steps of her career…

She’s not called “The Rocket” for nothing as we’ve seen these past few years...

(“the rocket” from Team United via YouTube, click here to see the spot)


When she was 17, Erin Hamlin won a gold medal at the Junior National Luge Championship held in Lake Placid. Then she participated in the Junior World Championships where she became a Junior National Champion!


In 2006, she joined the USA Team at the Olympics games in Torino, Italy, and Vancouver, Canada in 2010.


In 2009 she showed her real face winning the gold medal at the FIL World Luge Championship held in Lake Placid, New-York. That was the most amazing race she’s ever done, it was the first time in 99 races that a German woman was not the first!


Five years later, at the Olympics Games held in Sochi, Russia, she earned a bronze medal and became the first US athlete to win an Olympic medal since the Luge discipline got implemented in 1964 in the Olympics Games!


In 2015, she was gold medalist in single and team relay at the Lake Placid World Cup!


More? In 2017, she placed first, in Igls, Austria, and was a World Champion in sprint discipline. In two other categories she got the silver medals (single and team relay).


What a path, right?! And this is just an overview...


What’s the plan for 2018? Well, she’s on her way to PyeongChang, South Korea for her fourth Winter Olympics Games! Don’t miss it, it’s starting this Friday!


(Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC) 



Erin Hamlin, not only a luger!

She loves many other outdoors activities! When the luge season ends, she likes hiking, camping, biking, skiing, horse riding and spending time with her cat, Luna and her dog, Dooley. 

Off the ice, she’s a family girl who loves to go back home in Remsen where she and her family live. She enjoys having time with them and baking amazing cakes for everybody! 

She’s about to get married this summer and might be thinking about quitting competition to focus on her personal life. Nothing 100% sure at the moment! 


NBC, October 2017



What about the 2018 Olympics Games?

She’ll be the second US female luger to compete in four Olympics Games. She's been USA luger almost a decade. Each season she prepared herself to compete Olympics Games, World championships or World Cups. No rest was allowed.

For months now, she’s been getting ready for what it looks like her last Olympics Games! Of course, stress is here and even more aggressive than previous years! Competition is harder each year! Many challenges to face but Erin has done great so far and will, for sure, give us a wonderful thrill!

Bonus: This year, she has been chosen by the other team USA members to carry the American flag in the opening ceremony!






13th February, Luge Race Single Discipline
15th February, Luge Race Team Relay
Click for more info about the Olympics Games and Erin Hamlin




Live Tough, Sleep Easy.

-The Crua Team

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