Earth Day 2021: Together, We Can Restore Our Earth

April 22 2021 – Avril Geaney

There's no better way to celebrate Earth Day then to spend the night outdoors in a Crua Tent!
There's no better way to celebrate Earth Day then to spend the night outdoors in a Crua Tent!
After the year we’ve had our Earth is beginning to slowly restore itself. Even though staying at home wasn’t the way we had planned to spend our year, not only did we save lives we also helped save our environment. What a better way to celebrate Earth Day than spending it outside! Instead of staying indoors, we are asking you to leave your home this Earth Day and spend the night outdoors, in a Crua Duo or even a Crua Hybrid, and be at one with nature. Use ''10EARTH-21'' at checkout for your 10% discount! Why not unplug, get away from your screens and recharge your own battery for once! Use the birds chirping as your alarm clock and wake up with nature.

You can help reduce your carbon footprint while camping, here are a few tips:

  1. Once you've arrived at your camp, park up your car and use your bike or hike to get around.
  2.  As tempting as it is to use disposable items, it's not very eco friendly. Bring washable, reusable water bottles, dishes and utensils and not just one-use items. 
  3. Another great way to cut down on carbon emissions is to use energy efficient lighting e.g. Crua LED Light. 

Camping can be fun and eco-friendly. Why not recheck your bag and see if you can replace some products and become more sustainable? We want future generations to enjoy camping as much as we do, working on a cleaner and healthier earth will ensure this.

Here’s a link to the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace- principle covers a specific topic and provides you with the information to minimise your impact on the environment! We hope you have a great Earth Day and remember, when you are camping the only thing you should leave behind you are your footprints!

Also, check out our blog ‘’50 DIY Camping Hacks’’ for exciting tips and tricks.

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