Did you know that 3 years ago we wrote Spotlight on Colorado - Our Ultimate Global Camping Guide – Crua Outdoors? Having had our US office and warehouse in Boulder for the last 2 years, we have learnt a lot since then so thought it was time we re-focus our attention on Colorado, one of our favourite places and a dream place for anyone, outdoorsy or not. There is so much to do, but camping is particularly awesome here. Picking the best camping spot can always be difficult, especially when you have so many great options to choose from. We love this guide by Trip Savvy and this one by Trips To Discover, and took inspiration from both of them, to help create our guide on Camping Spots in Colorado.

Camping does not always offer the creature comforts of home, which is why we believe that you should be able to camp in any location and in total comfort. Heck, it is why we exist. The challenge of the elements gave us the idea for Crua. So, we see no reason not to have figured out a way to not just camp all year round. We use this expression where we come from, “There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only bad preparation.” That’s why we are always thinking of how we can make our designs better for you. While you are sleeping, we are thinking! It is who we are.

Camping in Colorado in May

Colorado is a place of varied landscapes, which is why our tents are designed to withstand any condition they may face. One of the best ways to experience these settings is to spend a night camping under the stars. If that sounds perfect to you then you will probably need some ideas of where to pitch your tent, and that's why we are here to help! These are our favourite places to go camping while visiting Colorado, but if you have any others you love to go to then we would love to hear from you. We have an affiliate programme where we work together with you to build out the best camping suggestions. Sign up today and say hi to Courteney from Crua who will take you through the process.

The Maroon Bells: Located just 10 miles west of Aspen, the 14,000-foot peaks are one of the most famous locations in the Rocky Mountains and are the most photographed peaks in all of North America. Year round, the Maroon Bells offer breath-taking views which backpackers and car campers love. The campsites provide access to the spectacular views and the stunning Maroon Lake. The Silver Bar, Silver Bell, and Silver Queen campsites, are all equally amazing and must-visit locations for anyone who is passionate about the great outdoors. What's great about them all is that they are close to Aspen, making it convenient to get more food and beverages or just to walk around a town for a little bit.

It is a big state and getting around may be the best approach - for that, we recommend our Crua AER Series. It would be ideal for this trip: It is a rooftop tent like no other. It connects to other Crua tents, can be used as a ground tent, and has an anti-wind noise feature. Not only that but add the Crua Culla Haul and you have a thermally insulated interior. The Crua Culla Haul is a tailor-made inner tent for the Crua AER. It is made from premium grade insulation and offers supreme temperature regulation. While keeping you at the perfect temperature, it also blocks out light and dampens sound.

Camping in Colorado National Parks

For a one-off experience, try the Great Sand Dunes National Park in the Southern part of Colorado. This location actually looks more like the Sahara Desert than the Rocky Mountains, with sand dunes replacing snow-capped mountain peaks. In terms of camping, head to the Piñon Flats campground, open April through October. It is close to nearby hiking trails, and if that isn't enough of an adrenaline rush then why not look at sandboarding and other activities in the National Park? You can book one of the campsites online so that you don’t miss out on getting a spot!

Our connectable, or Clan tents can be used by themselves or in small, connected groups. This set of tents is our most popular and can have a living room and up to 3 bedrooms off the main room, making them pretty special! The Crua Core is the central piece in this series, but can be combined in multiple ways with the Crua Duo, Crua Culla, Crua Duo Maxx, or Crua Culla Maxx. How you use it, all depends on the number of friends and family members for which you need to accommodate. The options are endless!

Another great spot is the Guanella Pass, which is only an hour’s drive from Denver. It can be found inside the Pike National Forest and the campsite is reachable on foot and car, making it a good option for those who enjoy a pleasant hike. Hiking will allow you to soak up the stunning views of Mount Bierstadt and Mount Evans and don’t forget to have your camera ready! Wildlife such as bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and golden eagles are likely to make an appearance. The campsite is perfect for stargazing as it is great to wind down after an adventure filled day fishing on Lake Georgetown. If fishing isn’t for you, then simply relax at the campsite with family, friends or in your own company.

Our Mór tents are the perfect option for larger groups and longer stays. These tents are ideal for a good night's sleep as you are cut off from nature’s elements. They are also secure, breathable, and noise dampening. What more could you want? The polycotton used in the tent’s inner lining and flysheet is fully breathable, and the waterproof TPU laminate on the flysheet’s underside stops condensation. How techy are we?

Do any of these Colorado camping spots sound like they would be ideal for a weekend getaway or perhaps a longer stay? If you fancy spending a night under the stars, then Colorado is the place to be. And, the state is so varied by landscape, each camping spot feels completely unique. We post weekly blogs, so if you would like to stay updated on the best camping spots, packing tips and much more, then subscribe to our email newsletter!

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