7 Awesome Benefits Of Camping In Winter

7 Awesome Benefits Of Camping In Winter

Camping in winter may sound like a crazy idea. We understand - the cold temperatures, bare trees, and snow can seem a little off-putting. However, there are actually loads of benefits to camping in the wintertime. From having the whole place to yourself to experiencing the pristine beauty of Nature’s fresh and clear landscapes, winter camping can be a magical experience.

Plus, what could be cozier than roasting marshmallows and making memories with loved ones over that roaring campfire?
If you’re wondering whether you should embark on that winter camping adventure, you’re in the right place! Here are seven benefits of camping during the winter season.

1. Fewer People & Crowds

The problem with camping in the summertime is that it can get incredibly busy, especially in the more popular spots. This means that finding a spot to park your campervan or pitch your tent can be challenging and you may end up with a spot that isn’t great in terms of access to facilities, activities, or the view.

This is where camping in the wintertime really stands in your favor!

With most people shying away from experiencing the great outdoors in the cold months of the year, you will have your pick of spots to set up camp at all the favorite camping grounds! In fact, in some areas, you could end up having the whole camping ground to yourself!

The beauty of an open camping ground is that you won’t have to wait to use any of the facilities. There is also no noise pollution and you can enjoy the blissful quiet of only Nature’s sounds.

2. Fewer Bugs

Who among us really enjoys creepy crawly bugs pottering around us? Or thirsty mosquitoes flying around at night, keeping you up and leaving you itching? Not many, we’ll bet!
When camping in winter, the volume of bugs and mosquitoes drops significantly - sometimes even to zero!
You can catch your Zs without that annoying buzz of mosquitoes interrupting your sleep or worrying about sneaky bugs finding their way into your tent.

3. Get Closer To The Stars

Have you ever noticed how much brighter the stars seem in winter? This is for a number of reasons. Lower moisture in the air during the winter gives the atmosphere greater clarity, enabling you to see the stars more clearly.

Now, pair that with being out of town, in an open camping ground with little light pollution, only your campfire, and the crisp cold highlighting the sparkle of the stars, and you are in for one of the most dazzling stargazing experiences of your life! You’ll even have a greater chance of seeing a shooting star!

4. Reduced Entry Fees

Many camping areas have access to national parks or area-specific activities. In the popular summer months, these can carry a significant price to access. But in winter, when demand and “foot traffic” are low, most places will discount their prices heavily.

You can enjoy great hikes, experience wildlife sightings, and explore exciting local attractions at a lower cost during the off-season.

5. See More Wildlife

Another great benefit of winter camping is that you may spot more wildlife on your outdoor adventure. The bare trees and sparse vegetation make it easier to see the wildlife in the area.

6. Deeper Solitude

We live in a world that is digital-heavy and that sees people bustling from one responsibility to the next every waking moment. And if you camp in the summertime, that busy energy remains around you with hoards of other campers and their families camping in close proximity.

When winter camping, none of that exists. The environment around you is quiet. Not just from the city and human bustle, but even from chirping birds and singing crickets. The solitude and peace that you can experience when camping out in winter can bring one of the deepest experiences of relaxation and unwinding.

7. Health Benefits

This one may surprise you, but camping in winter can actually be good for your health. Research has shown that just one weekend spent camping in winter can reset your body clock, realigning your sleeping pattern with sunrise and sunset. This can help with problems associated with lack of sleep, such as insomnia, depression, and low functionality and performance.

Being out in the cold can also help to reduce inflammation - which is great for those who enjoy exercise like running.

Some research even suggests that our brains function better in colder temperatures. In addition, the cold is also said to help increase metabolism and fat burn, as your body puts more energy into keeping you warm.


We think these are all pretty compelling reasons to move your camping plans to the wintertime. Have we convinced you yet?

Just make sure you layer up and pack plenty of hot chocolate! Having the right tent will also add to your comfort levels, making your camping experience that much more memorable and enjoyable. 


Looking for tips on winter camping? Then check out Crua Ambassador Kenny Baum's series of winter camping videos on YouTube, you will not be disappointed!

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