When going on a hike, nothing can quite match the majestic power and pure natural beauty of a waterfall. If you are looking for some inspiration for your next camping trip, then these 3 Stunning Waterfalls to Chase While Camping are definitely a great option and are well worth seeking out. Although some waterfalls are better known than others, they all make for an excellent adventure packed family vacation. And, whether you live on the East or West Coast in America, you’ll be able to find a waterfall in your region if some of these are too far away. Get ready and start exploring!

Travelers, by our nature, we talk a lot. We care a lot, and we solve problems. It is in our nature, and it grounds us. That wanderers spirit courses through our team and we feel responsibility to make sure we are responsible, fun campers. The outdoors is for all generations, not just ours.

And we know camping is not just for the hardcore or nostalgic. We know it is tough when you have kids. We got 'em, too, so our designs and experiences are your experiences too. We want to share the joy of the outdoors with everyone and make it easier for anyone to experience camping, anywhere. In the desert, the snow or even on a roof for crying out loud, we will literally find ways to make our shelters suit your needs.

Laurel Falls, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to almost 20 waterfalls with the majority located in Tennessee. Although all different and beautiful in their own way, you wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing Laurel Falls. Reaching 80ft in height, Laurel Falls is a spectacular sight, especially after some heavy rainfall. The roundtrip hike is perfect for families as it is only 2.6 miles long. Prepare to get wet, as the walkway takes you on a bridge between the upper and lower falls allowing you to see the falls up close. Other waterfalls to look out for are Abrams Falls, Mingo Falls and Grotto Falls. Also, there are bears in the area, so make sure to leave no trace.

If you are planning a vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, then don’t miss out on staying at the Sun Outdoors Pigeon Forge RV Resort. The Southern hospitality is unmatchable, and this resort makes for a great family vacation where you can sit back and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. The park offers a wide range of accommodations and amenities to complete your stay in the great outdoors. You can take your kids to the aerial adventure park swimming pool or even to play a game of basketball.

Coquille River Falls, Coast Ranges, Oregon: Situated in the Coast Ranges of Oregon, the Coquille River falls is 115ft tall, and is one of the most stunning waterfalls on the West Coast. From the roadside trailhead, the hike is just over half a mile each way, making it a suitable walk for families. The path takes you through ancient forests and opens up at the bottom of the falls, giving you a breath-taking view. Just a few miles north of Coquille River Falls, is the Elk Creek Falls which offers an even shorter walk from the trailhead.

If you are looking to experience an incredible RV campsite on the Oregon coast, then why not stay at the Oceanside RV Resort & Campground. Staying at this resort will allow you to take in the sounds and sights of the Pacific Ocean. You can discover the tide pools, go fishing or enjoy crabbing adventures. Another perk of this resort is that you will be able to enjoy the state parks, wineries, and museums located in Coos Bay. If you are seeking out some adrenaline then why not go on a whale watching tour, or try a hot air balloon ride?

Adam Falls, Grand Country, Colorado: Located just 1 mile east of the village, Adam Falls is a great waterfall for families as the hike is quite easy and follows a semi-loop trail. We recommend starting at Inlet Trailhead and follow the signs to the Adam Falls Trail. There is a second overlook above the falls if you want to walk a bit further. From here you will also have impressive views of Grand Lake.

Looking for somewhere close by to stay? The Sun Outdoors Rocky Mountains Resort, is a great location in Granby, Colorado. This resort is located near Winter Park and Granby Ranch, Colorado’s top ski resorts for winter as well as year-round adventure. If you are visiting the area in the summer, then enjoy kayaking, fly fishing, swimming, and yoga. There are also a variety of restaurant and bar options, or if you prefer to stay closer to home, then enjoy relaxing by a bonfire. There are great options for everyone!

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