2019 Guide To The Best Sleeping Bags

2019 Guide To The Best Sleeping Bags - Crua Outdoors

2019 Guide To The Best Sleeping Bags

When it comes to buying your camping equipment and making your way through that camping checklist, choosing a sleeping bag is one of the more important decisions to make. We also created a separate guide detailing all you need to know before choosing the best sleeping bag for you. (If you haven't read that article, be sure to check it out - What to Consider When Shopping for Sleeping Bags)


Now, it is time to look at the Crua Community's Seven Best Sleeping Bags.

Preparing this list was tougher than most. There is a massive range of sleeping bags on the market and a lot of campers have strong affections for certain models. We tried to be as fair as possible and keep the price tag in check as best we could.

There are a few names that could have easily made it into any top seven list. Brands such as Western Mountaineering, The North Face, Feathered Friends, Patagonia, Rei, Sea to Summit, and Marmot amongst a whole lot of others have some remarkable designs on the market. However, for this list, we tried to keep the price point varied. That is not to say that those brands are overpriced. A great sleeping bag is a wise investment. There are some high-quality bags on the market that top the $500 and, in many ways, are worth the investment. However, we wanted to make sure there was something on this list for everyone. 

Here are the Crua Community's Seven Best Sleeping Bags.



Kelty Cosmic Sleeping Bags



Crua's Seven Best Sleeping Bags


Crua Thoughts: The Kelty Cosmic Range features a winter sleeping bag - the Kelty Cosmic Down 0 and a 20°F, three-season sleeping - the Kelty Cosmic Down 20. Kelty is a reputable camping equipment manufacturer. When you hear of 20°F and 0°F down sleeping bags, especially when produced by a quality brand, you would be forgiven for thinking that the price would be astronomical. However, the Kelty Cosmic Range is very reasonably priced for what you are getting. Of course, for a down sleeping bag in this price range, expectations must be managed. Nonetheless, a great range of down sleeping bags, at an affordable price. 


Nemo Disco Series


Crua's Seven Best Sleeping Bags


Crua Thoughts: The Nemo Disco comes in both a 15°F and a 30°F. The big advantage of these sleeping bags is their extra space. For many, traditional mummy sleeping bags are overly constricting and rigid. The Nemo Disco series offers a much roomier take on the mummy sleeping bag. They are perfect for campers who tend to roll around during the night or sleep on their side. There are also some great additional features such as a built-in panel to act as a pillow, zip-up "gills" to cool down when it overheats and an added waterproof area around your feet. The downside of all this added room is that it creates a slightly heavier bag and, because there is extra room to heat up, it loses a bit of its warmth. 



Enlightened Equipment Revelation Series


Crua's Seven Best Sleeping Bags


Crua Thoughts: One of the only quilt-styled sleeping bags on our list. What this means essentially is that it feels more like a home duvet than a tightly packed sleeping. The design grants more freedom to move and can be spread open on both sides for an extra home duvet effect. The Revelation series has a mid-range price but nonetheless, it's affordable, lightweight and incredibly versatile. 


Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z



Crua's Seven Best Sleeping Bags



Crua Thoughts: Mountain Hardwear has produced one of the top synthetic sleeping bags on the market. There is a lot to love about this sleeping bag. Water is not a worry. The soft polyester lining wicks away moisture and lightweight nylon shell repels any other trace. While it is a very snugly designed sleeping bag there is still room enough to move around. It's lightweight and compresses down reasonably well. Another quality and affordable option. 

REI Co-Op Magma Series


Crua's Seven Best Sleeping Bags



Crua Thoughts: The REI Co-op Magma series would definitely find itself in the 'premium' pricing range. However, you are paying for quality and amongst the elite sleeping bags it is still well priced and you get a lot of bang for your buck. For experienced backpackers, looking to splash out, this is a great backpacking sleeping bag. The REI Co-op Magma 10° is a winter bag that ticks all the right boxes. Made with quality materials, a no-snag zip, great shape, 850 fill goose down and although packed with so much down, it remains lightweight. Definitely would go down as great investment.



Marmot Trestles Sleeping Bags


Crua's Seven Best Sleeping Bags


Crua Thoughts: Back to the more affordable end of the market. Marmot Trestles Sleeping Bags are a great camping/backpacking crossover bag in that they are lightweight, compressible and comfortable. Thematically insulted, added insulation in key areas to protect against the cold and ensure maximum comfort.

The Crua Mummy Sleeping Bag



Crua Thoughts: The list couldn’t be completed without mentioning Crua’s new addition to the sleeping bag market. We've used our vast knowledge of tents and insulation to create a really high-quality sleeping bag. We are very proud of this mummy sleeping bag and, of course, feel it a worthy addition to our top seven list. A great option at an affordable price.

To learn more about Crua's Mummy Sleeping bag and get a closer look at the specs, check out the following link - Crua Mummy Sleeping Bag. 

Thanks for everyone that helped us in completing this list. We used all the resources we had available and appreciate the input from you all.

Do you have a favorite sleeping bag that’s not included in this list? Tell us about it below.

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